Born To Protect

Sixteen years ago, he disappeared from her life. Now, he’s the only one who can protect her. Today’s he’s a member of Elite Force Security, but sixteen years ago he… Read the Rest »

Loving The Billionaire

In The Teacher’s Billionaire we learned how Ruth and Warren’s story ends. But have you ever wondered how it began? Billionaire Warren Sherbrooke assumed someday he’d marry a woman from… Read the Rest »

The Courage to Love

When Hollywood sweetheart, Mia Troy, checks into the Victorian Rose, the only things on her mind are rest and relaxation before she begins work on her new movie in Boston…. Read the Rest »

Hometown Love

Everyone in North Salem thinks they know Jessie Quinn.  She is the town’s quintessential girl next door. The woman you can always turn to when you need a helping hand…. Read the Rest »

The Playboy Next Door

  After a blind date stands her up, Catrina Striker stops in O’Leary’s Pub for a sandwich, nothing else. Then Tony Bates, North Salem’s resident playboy, sits down next to… Read the Rest »

In His Kiss

When Ella Bridge fell for Alfred Striker, she thought she’d found the one. But then, days before she left for France as part of a professor exchange program, Striker walked… Read the Rest »

A Promise To Keep

Following the deaths of her brother and then her parents, Kelsey Bancroft put her life and dreams on hold. Three years later, Kelsey is still struggling financially to hold on… Read the Rest »

When Love Strikes

For months Angelina Troy, one the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, has been looking forward to moving into the home she purchased in New England. Despite protests from both her… Read the Rest »

The Teacher’s Billionaire

Elementary school teacher, Callie Taylor’s life is turned upside down when she learns the truth about her birth following the death of her mother.  Not only is her father alive,… Read the Rest »

The Billionaire Playboy

She’s spent her life avoiding love Charlotte “Charlie” O’Brien, a doctor in the United States Navy, returns to her home in North Salem, Massachusetts to visit her family and make… Read the Rest »

The Billionaire Princess

She was raised as an American Princess Following the betrayal of a former lover, Sara Sherbrooke swore off relationships, too afraid she would be used again.  Instead she has devoted… Read the Rest »

The Billionaire’s Best Friend

Despite a wonderful family, a career she loves, and great friends, a void has existed in Lauren McDonald’s life ever since her best friend, Callie, married billionaire Dylan Talbot. Although… Read the Rest »

Redeeming The Billionaire

Billionaire Trent Sherbrooke works hard and plays harder. He’s never once cared what the media or society says about him, until now.  Intent on making his way into the United… Read the Rest »

More Than A Billionaire

When billionaire Grayson Sherbrooke returns to Providence for his brother’s wedding, he plans to spend some time with his family before getting back to his own life.  A single dance… Read the Rest »

Protecting The Billionaire

  From the outside it appears as though billionaire Allison Sherbrooke lives a charmed life. She comes from a loving family and possesses the means to do anything she desires,… Read the Rest »

Bidding On The Billionaire

Rather than disappoint his beloved aunt, billionaire Derek Sherbrooke has reluctantly agreed to participate in her foundation’s fundraiser: a bachelor auction. Concerned about who the lucky winner will be, he… Read the Rest »

Falling For The Billionaire

A nurse in Providence, Paige Foster never once considered purchasing a ticket to the Helping Hands Bachelor Auction. But when Aunt Bebe invites her along, she accepts, expecting nothing more… Read the Rest »

The Billionaire Next Door

Curt Sherbrooke has two passions, renovating old homes and writing novels. When he leaves the financial world and the city behind, his plan is simple: indulge both while keeping his… Read the Rest »

The Billionaire’s Homecoming

Since the day Brett Sherbrooke entered West Point, he’s dedicated his life to serving his country. Ready to serve in a different role, he moves back to Massachusetts intending to… Read the Rest »

The Billionaire’s Heart

Three months ago when another relationship came to a disastrous end, Leah Sherbrooke put her love life on hold. Since then she’s spent her free time with family and friends,… Read the Rest »

The Sherbrookes of Newport Box Set 2

Books Four, Five, and Six of The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. Previously Published Separately. Bundled For Your Convenience. Book Four: The Billionaire’s Best Friend Despite a wonderful family, a career… Read the Rest »