Return To North Salem

Now available for pre-order When Love Strikes, book 6 in my Love On The North Shore series.

For months Angelina Troy, one the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, has been looking forward to moving into the home she purchased in New England. Despite protests from both her personal assistant and her agent, she’s ready to make some changes in her life. Angelina can’t think of a better place to do that than North Salem, where she can be close to her family and have the time she craves as she attempts to move her career away from starring in movies to writing them. Since she’s in town again, she also hopes to get to know a certain FBI special agent with a smile capable of sending her pulse into overdrive.

Like a lot of men, Dakota Smith was attracted to Angelina the first time he met her last summer. However, it’s not her beauty that has him wanting to get better acquainted with her. Over the past year, he’s learned first-hand that she values family and friends as much as he does. So when she invites him to dinner one evening, he accepts without any hesitation.

It’s not long before a simple dinner date turns into much more. Unfortunately, Dakota isn’t the only North Salem resident Angelina has caught the eye of. And Shane Gates will do anything to have her for himself.

Cover Reveal

Although the book will not be out until late Fall or early Winter, I want to reveal the cover for the next novel in my The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. This book will feature Leah Sherbrooke.

Cover Reveal

This summer I will launch a new series. Here is a peek at the cover for the first book.


Available for pre-order The Billionaire’s Homecoming Amazon Ibooks NOOK KOBO

Now Available For Pre-Order

Following the deaths of her brother and then her parents, Kelsey Bancroft put her life and dreams on hold. Three years later Kelsey is still struggling financially to hold on to the last links she has to her family. She doesn’t need or want any distractions, especially not any distractions named Drew McKenzie. At the age of ten, Kelsey fell in love and decided someday she’d marry Drew, her older brother’s best friend. Although Kelsey long ago abandoned the silly fantasy, Drew has always occupied a special place in her heart.


The day before Ian Bancroft lost his battle with cancer, star quarterback Drew McKenzie promised his best friend he’d look out for his younger sister. Until recently, he assumed his monthly phone calls to Kelsey were enough. Now that he knows differently, he’s moved back to North Salem determined help Kelsey whether she wants his assistance or not. But just how far will Drew go to keep to keep a promise to his best friend? Amazon Nook Ibooks Kobo

Another cover reveal

This book will be my first release of 2018.

Fall In Love With New England Romance Reader/Author Conference

Cover Reveal

Here is the cover for the next book in my Love On The North Shore Series. This should release sometime in December.

The Billionaire Next Door Available for Pre-Order

Curt Sherbrooke has two passions, renovating old homes and writing novels. When he leaves the financial world, and the city behind his plan is simple: indulge both while keeping his true identity as a member of America’s wealthiest family a secret from his neighbors. Soon Taylor Walker, the sexy DEA agent living next-door, and her niece have him reconsidering his plan.

Taylor Walker doesn’t believe she needs a man to complete her life. She’s happy raising her niece and taking drug dealers off the street. If Mr. Right happens to come along someday that would be wonderful. If not, she’s not going to loose any sleep over it. Then she meets Curt, her new neighbor.

Soon Curt and Taylor appear headed for a their own happily ever after. At least until Taylor’s older sister returns and tries to capitalize from Taylor’s newfound love. Amazon/US Amazon/UK Amazon/Canada   NOOK

Now Available For Pre-Order In His Kiss

In His Kiss, the 4th book in the Love On The North Shore Series is now available for pre-order.

When Ella Bridge fell for Alfred Striker, she thought she’d found the one. But then, days before she left for France as part of a professor exchange program, Striker walked away. Now she’s back home in North Salem, determined to ignore him no matter how tempting she still finds him.

Before Ella, Striker lived a carefree life, responsible for no one’s happiness but his own. With Ella, though, images of minivans and white picket fences started to surface, and he bolted. Striker quickly realized walking away from Ella was the biggest mistake he ever made. With her home, he’s determined to win her back.

Although she’s positive it’s a big mistake, Ella agrees to give Striker a month. Can Striker prove to Ella that he loves her, or will he break her heart again? Amazon Amazon NOOK KOBO Apple

Writing Update

Well, since the end of November I have been working on the 4th book in the Love On The North Shore Series. I am almost done with the initial draft and hope to have the book available by the end of the March.  I do have the cover and blurb ready to share with everyone. This book features Striker, Catrina’s solder brother, from book 3. He is also Mack Ellsbury best friend. Ella Bridge readers saw briefly in book 3 as well. She is one of Cat’s close friends.


When Ella Bridge fell for Alfred Striker, better known as Striker, she thought she’d found the one. But then, days before she left for France as part of a professor exchange program, Striker walked away. Now she’s back home in North Salem, determined to ignore him no matter how tempting she still finds him.

Before Ella, Striker lived a carefree life, responsible for no one’s happiness but his own. With Ella, though, images of mini-vans and white picket fences started to surface, and he bolted. Striker quickly realized walking away from Ella was the biggest mistake he ever made. With her home, he’s determined to win her back.

Although she’s positive it’s a big mistake, Ella agrees to give Striker a month. Can Striker prove to Ella that he loves her, or will he break her heart again?

Now Available for Pre-order

Falling For The Billionaire, book 9 is now available for Pre-order at most retailers. More links to come.






New Cover For The Teacher’s Billionaire

This week I gave the cover for The Teacher’s Billionaire a face lift.  Hope everyone likes it.



Cover Reveal For Book 9

The cover for the next Sherbrooke novel.

The cover for the next Sherbrooke novel. This book will feature Scott Belmont. He is Derek and Trent’s cousin. Readers met his mom, Marilyn, in Bidding On The Billionaire

Bidding On The Billionaire

Now available for pre-order everywhere, book 8 Bidding On The Billionaire. Release Date August 30



Amazon Kindle Fire Giveaway

Protecting The Billionaire, book 7 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series, is my tenth full length novel. To celebrate the upcoming release on April 18, I am kicking off the month with a new giveaway for an Amazon Kindle Fire.   It is easy to enter. The contest will run from April 2 until April 20th. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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Teaser Tuesday From Protecting The Billionaire

‪#‎TeaserTuesday‬ Here is a short snippet from Protecting The Billionaire release date 4/18 everywhere.

“Decided at the last minute. Figured I’d visit you and then go see Jake and the baby. Then head home on Monday morning.” Derek went straight to the refrigerator. “I didn’t stop to eat on the way down. Do you have anything good in here?”

“Help yourself,” she said, although there was no need. Before the move down here, Derek had always treated her apartment in Providence as if it was his own, so it made sense he’d do the same thing here. Of course she more or less did that too whenever she visited his condo. “Where are you staying?” She already knew the answer to her question, but asked anyway.

“With you.” He put the pizza she hadn’t finished the night before and a sparkling water on the table and looked over at Rock who’d sat next to her. “Unless that’s a problem, lil sis.”

“If you don’t stop calling me that, it will be.” 

“Has she been this grumpy all day?”

“She was very happy until you arrived,” Rock said, leaning back in his chair as if he hadn’t just hinted at what they’d been doing when Derek interrupted them.

“Guessed as much.”

Her brother’s answer sent the heat in her face up to her scalp.
Derek pulled a slice of pizza out and smiled at her before he nodded in Rock’s direction. “After I eat, I’ll disappear for a few hours.”

Were Rock and Derek really having this conversation?

“Much appreciated,” Rock said.

The groan slipped out before she could stop it. “Will you two please stop.”

Her brother and Rock exchanged some kind of look she couldn’t decipher, and she held her breath. What are they going to say next?

Protecting The Billionaire Book Trailer

Teaser Tuesday From Protecting The Billionaire

Who the hell is that? She’d arrived alone and didn’t have a boyfriend. So who was the bastard changing her tire? He’d been standing out here for the past damn hour waiting for her. Now, some ass with more muscles than brains had her attention. That wasn’t how things were supposed to be. He should have her attention, not anyone else.

Across the lot the SOB who’d changed Allison’s tire, closed the trunk. After exchanging a few words, Allison got into her car. He’d missed out on an opportunity tonight, but there would be others. He’d make sure of that.

Turning the key in ignition, he pulled out. He knew the route Allison would take home. He’d just follow and make sure she arrived there safely and more importantly alone. She hadn’t shown the dude who’d changed her tire any affection, but he also hadn’t been a stranger. She’d known him. Nothing and no one was going to come between them. He’d make sure of that.

Cover Reveal For Protecting The Billionaire


Here is the fabulous cover for book 7 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. This book will feature Allison Sherbrooke, Trent and Gray’s younger sister. And don’t worry some of your favroite Sherbrooke family members will make appearances in the book.

Teaser Tuesday

Here is a short UNEDITED snippet from Protecting The Billionaire, the novel I am currently working on.

He assumed everyone at the table heard Allison’s groan.

“Do you want to dance?” Rock dropped the question and two pairs of eyes looked at him. Unless he had no other option, he stayed away from dance floors.

“Fantastic idea.” Allison half lead, half dragged him past Charles and onto the dance floor.

They’d danced once at the wedding. That night she’d kept both her hands on his shoulders and maintained a polite distance away from him. Tonight she pressed her body into him, her breasts crushed against his chest and put her arms around his neck. While his head knew it was all an act, his body didn’t. Unable to do anything about his growing arousal, he put his arms around her and went with it.

“Is he looking this way?” she said near his ear, her breath a sensual whisper against his skin.

More like sending death threats with his eyes. “Yep.”

She wiggled closer something he’d thought impossible. “Put your hands on my butt.”

“What?” He didn’t do high society, but groping a woman like Allison at this kind of event seemed like a no no.

“Put your hands lower like a real boyfriend would.”

He’d wanted to touch her ass all night and now she’d given him the green light.

Now Available The Playboy Next Door

 After a blind date stands her up, Catrina Striker stops in O’Leary’s Pub for a sandwich, nothing else. Then Tony Bates, North Salem’s resident playboy, sits down next to her and destiny takes over. Cat knows all about Tony’s reputation, but that doesn’t stop her from doing something she’s never done before: invite him back to her apartment.

Tony Bates has always looked at Catrina as nothing but his buddy’s little sister, until a chance encounter one summer night changes all that.

Since the sudden death of his college sweetheart, Tony has kept all his relationships casual and fun. Everyone knows that, which is why Cat and Tony agree to keep their involvement a secret rather than risk Tony’s friendship with her brother. However, what starts out as a secret fling soon becomes much more, and Tony must decide if he’s ready to risk his heart again or lose the woman who completes him. Amazon BN KOBO Apple3-ThePlayboyNextDoorFINAL600

The Playboy Next Door

For my upcoming book, I decided to try something new and I enrolled it in the Kindle Scout program. For the next 21 days readers can nominate it for publication. If you have a moment I’d love the support.



Kindle Scout/ The Playboy Next Door

Cover Reveal For The Playboy Next Door


Goodreads Giveaway Now Going On

Goodreads Giveaway Now Going On

Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Teacher's Billionaire by Christina Tetreault

The Teacher’s Billionaire

by Christina Tetreault

Giveaway ends October 31, 2015.

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at Goodreads.

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Teaser Tuesday For August 25

Here is a tiny snippet from my current work in process which features Tony Bates. You may remember him from The Courage To Love and Hometown Love.  Remember this has not been to the editor yet.

“Two months. That’s a record for you, isn’t it? What makes this one special?”

Two months and a couple weeks was his average since Isabella. He doubted anyone remembered that.

“The sex,” Tony answered. He couldn’t explain to himself what drew him to Cat how the hell could he explain it to anyone else.

“Does this mystery woman have a name?”

No getting out of this one. “Catrina, she works in Boston. We met one night after work.”

Sean nodded. “If she’s still around when Mia gets home we should get together.”

It’d be another month before Mia got back, which would put his and Cat’s relationship way past his normal expiration date. Yet, he expected her to still be in his life by then.

“Where are you two off to this weekend?” Sean started to put together a second burger. “You said you bought tickets.”

“The medieval fair down in Westport.”

“Damn, Tony you’ll do anything for sex won’t you.” Sean shook his head. “Are you going to wear tights?”

“Shut up, O’Brien. You’ve never been.”

“Not true. I took Charlie and Jessie when they were in high school. Jessie managed to talk Charlie into wearing one of those medieval gowns.”

Now that must have taken some considerable bribing or blackmail on Jessie’s part.

“I hope the sex is worth it.”

Tony grabbed his beer and took a swig. His friends had been giving him a hard time forever and it never bothered him probably because they were often right. Tonight the way Sean kept lumping his and Cat relationship in with his past ones just rubbed him the wrong way. And that worried him.

Fun Fact Friday for July 31

Did you know that Jake Sherbrooke is the only one of my characters that has been in all 6 Sherbrooke novels as well as Hometown Love, bk 2 in my spin off series.  The only two books of mine that he has not been in are Loving The Billionaire my novella and The Courage To Love bk 1 in my series Love On The North Shore.

Teaser Tuesday July 21

Here is an UNEDITED snippet from my current WIP which features Tony Bates from my Love On The North Shore series.

Put on the brakes. The last firing neuron in his head screamed. His head ignored it and he reached under her shirt. His hand slipped up her back but came to a screeching halt when Cat pulled back. He braced himself for a slap or a few angry words, both of which he deserved.

“Do you want to come upstairs, Tony?”

NOOK Update

NOOK Update:
Finally NOOK has the correct version of More Than A Billionaire in the system. I received this message from them regarding how readers who received the wrong version can now get the correct one from them:

“the customer must Archive and then Un-Archive your NOOK Book to download and view the updated NOOK Book file at no additional charge. “

On the correct version of the book, the copyright page should list the digital ISBN number and state the name of the person who formatted the book.

Update with NOOK and More Than A Billionaire

Working with NOOK to get the correct version up. They claim that once it IS up, people who already purchased the book can archive the version they have and then unarchive it which should give them the correct version. Will keep everyone updated.

More Than A Billionaire for NOOK

Please note that I am taking More Than A Billionaire down from NOOK until I can get them to be selling the correct version of the book.  They have been sending out the unedited version I used to set up the pre-order option.  I will let readers know when the problem is corrected.


I am very sorry

Teaser Tuesday

Here is a short snippet for More Than A Billionaire available for pre-order

“So who was it this time? A pretty blonde beach babe or that bikini model you were seen with last month?” Derek asked with a knowing wink.
Gray took a sip from his drink and resisted the urge to wipe the smile from his brother’s face. Something else he couldn’t do with his father in the room. If his brothers and cousin knew what he’d been doing a few hours before, they wouldn’t have joked, but he had to keep that part of his life private, even from his family.
“I was in Mexico for work, not pleasure.”
“Since when don’t you mix the two? It’s amazing how Sherbrooke Enterprises needs you to go to all the exotic locations in the world.”

More Than A Billionaire

Now available for Pre-order at a special price of .99 cents.

Worth The Wait Wednesday

Here is an unedited snippet from More Than A Billionaire which is available for pre-order now.

“I’m impressed. What other talents have you been hiding?”

Gray took her hand and she wished they both didn’t have thick winter gloves on.

“I can play the piano now.” She’d never had the patience as a child to lean an instrument but while in college she took lessons. “My piano playing might be better than my ice skating.”

Together they started a second lap.

“What about you? What secrets have you been hiding?’

Gray’s hand gripped hers tighter, and he picked up their pace. Then just like that he released her hand. “None.”

“C’mon. You must have some.” Kiera thought for a moment. “I bet you can knit. You probably sit in your office and make hats and scarfs all day long. Maybe baby booties too.”

“I don’t have any secrets. How could I?”

Worth The Wait Wednesday

“I might have to start bringing a bodyguard when I come here.” He moved forward and put his arms around her. “And just for the record, I find your ass much sexier.” He kissed her before she responded, his hands sliding into her back pockets and squeezing.

Kiera’s internal temperature went from simmer to full boil. She leaned into him, pressing her breasts against his chest and sent him a silent message to touch them like he had the weekend before.

“Do you have cupcakes in the oven?” He pulled away, and she smiled at how ragged his voice sounded.

“Yeah, I couldn’t put them in until the apricot almond tart finished.”

“How much longer until they’re done?” Gray’s eyes swept across her face.

She couldn’t see the timer, but she had a general idea. “Fifteen minutes or so.”

The corner of Gray’s mouth went up. “Guess that means we’re stuck here. Any thoughts on how to pass the time?”

She had several ideas. “We could play checkers or a game of chess.” She kept her smile under lock and key. “I have a deck of cards. We could play Go Fish.”

“Wonderful ideas but I had something with less competition in mind.” Gray lowered his head toward hers. His lips got within inches of hers when his phone rang.

“You’ve got to be friggin kidding me.” He leaned his forehead against hers. Then he yanked the phone out and pressed decline. “Not today.” He lowered his head toward their original destination. “I dreamed about you last night,” he whispered the words against her lips.

“Was it a good dream?” She pressed her lips against his in a feather light kiss.

Gray returned the gesture. “You have no idea. Should I tell you about it?”

Teaser Tuesday

Here is the blurb for More Than A Billionaire coming out in June


Everyone views Grayson Sherbrooke as a carefree billionaire who lives a life of luxury.  However, Gray is much more than that.


When Grayson Sherbrooke returns to Providence for his brother’s wedding, he plans to spend some time with his family before getting back to his own life.  A single dance with his childhood friend Kiera Renault changes all that. Soon Gray finds himself longing to settle down with the woman he loves. Unfortunately, the secret he’s kept for years keeps getting in the way.


Kiera Renault hasn’t seen Gray in years. After a dance at his brother’s wedding though, she can’t get him from her mind.  Quickly their relationship changes from mere friends to lovers, and Kiera pictures herself spending the rest of her life with Gray.


Just when they both believe they’ll get what their hearts’ desire, Gray’s secret threatens to tear them apart forever. Now Gray must decide between the woman he loves, and the secret he has kept from the world.

Teaser Tuesday

Here is an unedited snippet from More Than A Billionaire coming soon.


“Care to let me in on the joke?” Gray hung his leather jacket up.

“You.” She spit the word out between waves of laughter. “Your expression.” Kiera wiped a tear away. “The way you answered. I’ve never seen you look more unsophisticated.”

A cramp pinched her side from laughing so hard and she rubbed it. “You looked as if you wanted to sink into the floor.”

Gray crossed his arms and glared at her. “It’s not everyday a woman asks me to check out her ass while I’m standing next to my girlfriend.”

Kiera took a couple deep breaths. “I’m sorry. I just wish I’d had a camera. Your expression was priceless.”

Cover Reveal for More Than A Billionaire




There is much more to Grayson Sherbrooke than everyone realizes. Find out all his secrets in More Than A Billionaire, book 6 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series coming soon.

New AudioBook

Redeeming The Billionaire book 5 is now available as an audio book.

Teaser Tuesday

Here is an UNEDITED snippet from my next book More Than A Billionaire.

Gray ate both slices of pizza before he spoke again. “You’re quiet over there.” He grabbed a third slice. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He left the pizza slice untouched in his plate.

She’d spent the last several minutes avoiding eye contact. With him waiting for an answer it seemed rude to keep staring at her plate. Kiera looked up and forced her eyes to meet his.

“Fine. Really.”

Gray remained silent as if considering her words. Then reached for her hand. “I don’t believe you.” He squeezed her hand and waited.

Every Sherbrooke she knew shared one characteristic, which was stubbornness. Gray included. If he suspected something bothered her, he wouldn’t give up until he got the truth or she tossed him out. She didn’t want to toss him out.

“Before,” she paused and her eyes dropped to his mouth then she met his eyes again. While his eyes were not as unique a shade of blue as many of the Sherbrookes, she found them beautiful.

“You know when we were in the kitchen.” Kiera bounced her knee under the table and bumped his leg.

“Did I upset you?”

“No. Well, yes.” Kiera heard a growl and realized it came from her. Why did he have to sit so close? He could’ve picked the chair across the table, but no he had picked the one next to her.


“Why what?” He moved his hand to her shoulder.

Less space separated them now. Had she moved forward or had he?

“Why did you do it?”

Gray leaned forward, and his voice became a mere whisper. “Because I couldn’t stop myself. Like now.”

She saw the intent in his eyes, but the press of his lips on her startled her anyway.


Teaser Tuesday

Here is a tiny snippet from More Than A Billionaire book 6 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. This book features Grayson Sherbrooke, Trent’s brother.


“Who’s here? Is it Jean-Paul?”

“Not unless Jean-Paul found a fairy godmother to make him hot.” Erica didn’t look at Kiera as she spoke. “I could stand here all day and look at that guy.”

Their surprise visitor definitely wasn’t Jean-Paul. No one would want to spend all day looking at him.

“Turn around before he leaves.” Erica touched her arm. “You’ll be sorry if you miss the sight of him.”

“Kiera, I need to speak with you for a moment,” Pierre the restaurant’s general manager said.

Kiera pushed her shoulders back and turned, prepared for anything. Then she saw whom Erica had been gushing about standing next to her boss.

Okay, maybe prepared for anything had been a stretch. She certainly wasn’t prepared to see Gray Sherbrooke in her kitchen.

Teaser Tuesday: A new snippet

Here is a UNEDITED snippet from More Than A Billionaire, bk 6 in the Sherbrookes of Newport Series
“Look who decided to show up.” Derek stood at the door shaking his head. “Trent, you and Jake won that bet.”
“Nice to see you too.” Gray stepped around his younger brother and inside Trent’s apartment.
“I told you and Alec not to bet against us.” Trent gave him a slug in the arm.
Derek shrugged. “You both got lucky.”
“The four of you were betting on whether or not I’d show up today for the wedding?” Christ.
“No. We took bets on whether you’d get here in time for the ceremony. Alec and Derek figured I’d have to call Curt and ask him to take your place.” Trent offered him a drink. “I knew you’d get here in time.”
A fantastic insult sat on Gray’s tongue but he held it back. If only his brothers and cousin were there he’d let it fly, but their father as well as a man he assumed was Addison’s brother stood only feet away.

Teaser Tuesday A Snippet From Loving The Billionaire

Here is a snippet from Warren and Ruth’s story.


Warren glanced around the room then looked at her again. “I do love it here. It’s hard to leave sometimes.” He leaned closer to her, his lips inches away from hers. “It’ll be even harder to go now.” He kissed her, leaving her with no doubt about what he meant.

Concern over standing in his mother’s sitting room evaporated from her thoughts. The only thing she could focus on was Warren and the way his lips moved against hers. Stepping closer, she pressed her body against his as he traced her lips with his tongue. Ruth didn’t hesitate. She opened her mouth and rubbed her tongue against his, eliciting a groan from Warren. Then suddenly he pulled back.

“There’s one more room up here.” His voice came out as a ragged whisper.

She knew what room he meant. She swallowed. “Show me.”

Teaser Tuesday: A snippet from Hometown Love

Here is a snippet from Hometown Love due out on January 26. Hometown Love is book 2 in the Love On The North Shore Series.


Skyline of Boston's Back Bay area seen at dawn


Jessie watched Grace scratch the dog’s belly. “You’re never going to get her into bed tonight. She’s going to want to play with him all night.”

Mack’s cheek brushed against hers as he leaned in to her ear. “I know the feeling. I’d love to play with you all night long.”

Heat scorched her face and she prayed no one had heard him. “Not tonight with Grace around.”

He tugged her earlobe. “That doesn’t mean I can’t wish it.” He pulled away then, his attention once again on the food, leaving her to wish for the very same thing.

Although a little chaotic, the party went smoothly considering the children and the dog running around. The only real disaster occurred when Mack left a plate of hot dogs unattended and Socks decided they looked good for lunch. Even with that little mishap, everyone had plenty of food and fun, including Jessie—despite the evil daggers Bethany threw her way all afternoon. Like Mack, though, she silently rejoiced when everyone except his parents and Bethany left. Finally, they could give Grace their birthday gift. Jessie doubted it would trump the dog from her grandparents, but she thought it would earn a close second.

As a team, everyone worked to clean up the backyard. While the children and their parents had been good about throwing away their trash, uneaten food remained out. “If you don’t mind bringing in the cake, I’ll handle the trash,” Mack said. Two large trash bags sat near the deck, overflowing with everything from wrapping paper to unfinished hamburgers.

Jessie grabbed the cake and headed inside while Mack’s parents closed up the folding tables.

“Mack mentioned you and he got Grace a joint gift.”

Jessie looked up when she heard Bethany. She hadn’t realized the other woman had followed her inside, but there stood Grace’s mom with extra party plates in her hands.

“We’re going to give it to her as soon as we’re done with this.” Jessie put the cake into its original box, and then stored it in the refrigerator.

Stone-faced, Bethany advanced on her. “Word of advice, Jessica. Stay away from my family.”

Jessie stared at the woman, shocked by the animosity she heard. “Excuse me?” Had Bethany just told her to stay away from Mack and Grace?

“You heard me just fine.” Bethany crossed her arms. “Mack and Grace are not your family, they’re mine.”

Jessie understood Bethany claiming Grace as her family. Grace was her daughter and Bethany might feel threatened. Mack, however, was not her husband and hadn’t been for a while. He could spend time with whomever he wanted.

“Grace is your daughter, I get that.” Jessie didn’t want a scene in Mack’s kitchen, but then again, she didn’t want Bethany pushing her around. “I’d never do anything to interfere in your relationship with her. But you and Mack are divorced now. Whether we spend time together or not is none of your business.” She managed a calm, cool voice although, inside, her blood boiled with anger. Who did Bethany think she was?

The woman took a step closer. “People make mistakes. We have history together and a child. That supersedes any little fling he’s having with you now. Besides, do you really think he’d prefer you to me? Just look at the two of us.” A smug conceited expression settled on Bethany’s face and Jessie’s hand itched to slap it away.

Cover Reveal

Coming Next Month Hometown Love book 2 in my Love On The North Shore Series

Skyline of Boston's Back Bay area seen at dawn

A little Teaser from Mack and Jessie’s story

Here is an UNEDITED snippet from Mack and Jessie’s story which will be available in 2015.


“She probably went with some friends to the bounce house. She loves those,” Bethany answered.

If his ex-wife spent more time with Grace and paid attention, she’d know Grace wouldn’t do that. “I told her not to go anywhere else.”

“Maybe she needed the bathroom and couldn’t wait to check in. I’ll go check.” Jessie headed for the temporary bathrooms set up behind the bandstand.

“I’m going to check the bounce houses. Stay here in case she comes back.” He couldn’t recall a single time Grace had disobeyed him on something like this but she was a kid surrounded by her friends. Kids followed their peers all the time.

When a search of both bounce houses and the craft table nearby turned up nothing he started back for their blanket hoping that Jessie had found her or she’d wandered back over. The sight of just Jessie and Bethany standing together froze the blood in his veins. His eyes continued to sweep the area as he walked and he reminded himself that this was North Salem not some huge city.

“I checked the bathrooms and asked some parents I passed by.” Jessie’s voice echoed his own worry.

“She has to be here. This town is like Hicksville. Everyone is either related to each other or knows everyone else. Nobody would take her.”

While Bethany maybe close to the truth he knew strangers did pass through town all the time and it only took one messed up person to snatch a little girl. Hard cold fear knotted inside his chest. As someone in law enforcement he’d seen time and time again both with the Boston Police and now with the FBI what could happen to a little girl like Grace.

He continued sweeping the area as she waited for his father, the police chief, to answer his phone. He may be jumping the gun. She may be playing with friends somewhere but he wasn’t taking any chances.

Teaser Tuesday

Here is a little snippet from my current WIP. This will be book 2 in my series Love On The North Short.  Just remember this has not been off to the editor yet.


The balloons form the party still swayed outside as Jessie climbed the front steps and the heavy door stood open. Through the screen door she spotted Grace’s dollhouse open and the furniture and dolls sprawled across the floor indicating the little girl was up and about.

The screen door opened without a sound and Jessie figured the kitchen was the place to stop first. And she was right unfortunately she’d picked the wrong time. At the counter Mack and Bethany stood together. While he wore jeans and a t-shirt, Bethany only wore one of his old t-shirts and her lips were locked on his. She watched his hand move toward her shoulder although Jessie didn’t know if he planned to push her away or pull her closer.

Unable to breath Jessie reached for the wall and steadied herself then retraced her steps. She made it into the living room when Grace flew down the stairs and skidded to a stop near her.

“Jessie you’re here.” The little girl’s voice forced air back into her lungs. “Daddy’s making pancakes for breakfast.” She latched onto Jessie’s hand. “Come on.” Grace pulled on her hand.

Inside the kitchen Bethany and Mack remained near the counter. “Daddy, Jessie’s here.” Grace announced her cheerful voice breaking through the tension in the room.

Mack’s head snapped in her direction an angry expression on his face. When their eyes met the anger disappeared and a somewhat forced smile replaced it. “I didn’t hear you come in.” Mack walked past his ex-wife and embraced her. “I’m making pancakes for breakfast. Do you want some?” He pressed a feather light kiss on her lips.

No she didn’t want pancakes she wanted an explanation and maybe to hit Bethany with the pancake griddle on the stove. “Can we talk in the other room?” She forced a calm voice, no easy task when Bethany stood only feet away in one of Mack’s t-shirts.

The anger she’d noticed a few minutes earlier returned and he glared over at Bethany. “Watch the stove so Grace’s breakfast doesn’t burn.”

He knows I saw. Was he mad because she’d caught them or angry because Bethany had made an advance? And why they hell was she wearing his clothes. She needed answers but she didn’t want to come across as a jealous shrew either.

Worth The Wait Wednesday

Worth The Wait Wednesday. Yesterday I got so busy writing I forgot to post a snippet so here it is now. Remember it has not seen the EDITOR yet.

Slipping his other hand under her hair he cupped her head as he traced her lips with his tongue, and hoped she’d get the hint and open her mouth. He didn’t have to wait long. The moment her lips parted he surged forward. She tasted like marshmallow, chocolate and something unique and appealing. Something that was a part of Jessie and Jessie alone.

A Little Teaser While You Wait

This was a readers idea but I like it. Worth The Wait Wednesday. Perfect for those days I get lost in my writing and forget about Teaser Tuesday. Anyway here is an UNEDITED snippet from my current WIP which will be book 2 in my series Love On The North Shore. This book will feature Jessica Quinn. In case you do not remember she appeared in The Billionaire Playboy and The Courage To Love.

“Room service does sound rather nice.” Jessica forced herself to look at Mack and once again was struck by just how out of her league he was. A guy as handsome as him belonged alongside an equally beautiful woman. A woman who looked like his ex-wife.

Whether he sensed her discomfort or not, he didn’t say. Instead he came over and put his arms around her. “You’ve never had room service?”

“I have only stayed in hotels a few times and I’ve never wanted to splurge.”

He pulled her closer. “We’ll have to remedy that someday.”

Fun Fact Friday

Here is a little fact you don’t know about book 1 in the series. In the original draft of The Teacher’s Billionaire Helen Lee did not tell Callie about her father because she felt Callie’s should know the truth.  Rather Callie’s mom left two letters that Helen was to deliver after her death. One letter was to Callie telling her about her dad and the other was to Warren telling him about Callie.  Somewhere around the 3rd draft or so I changed to the way it reads now.

Coming Soon

A box set containing all 5 Sherbrooke novels will be coming soon. Keep an eye out!

Excerpt From Redeeming The Billionaire

Here is the final teaser before Redeeming The Billionaire comes out on Friday.


Rather than speak, she nodded and walked toward the door. On cue, he pulled it open and allowed her to exit first. Not that he minded in the least. With her in front of him, he could let his eyes wander and appreciate her form without her any the wiser. And he definitely liked what he saw. She was an average height, but she had killer legs, perfectly shaped and toned. He suspected she exercised on a regular basis. Her waist was tiny and although she had her back to him now, he already had a mental picture of her breasts. Judging by the way her dress fit, they were lush and full but not ridiculously large.

When they reached the elevator, he pushed the button. “Please dress casually tomorrow. Whatever you normally wear on the weekend,” he said as a way to break the silence. “I certainly won’t be wearing a tie.”

Addie laughed, a sweet lyrical sound. “Then I might still be in my pj’s when you pick me up.”

The image of the type of sleepwear worn by the women he usually spent time with popped up. While he had no doubt Addie would look fantastic in any of those outfits, he doubted those were the type of pj’s she wore. “Whatever works for you,” he answered as the elevator door opened and they stepped inside.

“So where in Newport is your home? Is it on Bellevue Avenue?”

Slowly the elevator began its descent and he leaned up against the glass wall. “No. It’s on Ocean Avenue. It was built—” The loud crack of lightning echoed through the elevator, cutting off Trent’s sentence just before the lights blinked and then went out.

“Please tell me we’re not stuck.” Addison’s voice trembled from the other side of the glass elevator.


Redeeming The Billionaire is available for pre-order at iTunes, Amazon, and Kobo

Now Available For Pre-Order

Redeeming the Billionaire is now available for pre-order at Amazon and iTunes

Available everywhere September 5  AZ iTunes

Special Extra Long Teaser

“That sucks, he must have been disappointed.” Trent turned away from the windows toward the office door. The minute his eyes landed on her, he smiled and waved her in. “Listen I have to go, but we’ll see you tomorrow. Congratulations again.” Trent tossed his phone down as he strode toward her closing the gap between them. Without so much as even a hello, he pulled her against him and kissed her as if ten months had passed since they’d last seen each other rather than ten hours. “I’ve missed you,” he said when he pulled back leaving her breathing ragged and her heart beating double time.

He slipped his hand under her T-shirt, his hands skimming up her rib cage as he kissed the pulse pounding in her neck. “I’ve thought about this all day,” he whispered his fingers undoing her bra.

Addie moaned when his hands took possession of her breast, his thumbs flicking back and forth across her nipples. “I missed you, too.” She let her own hands slide up under his shirt and then up his back.

Trent pulled away from her neck, but his hands continued to tease. “That’s it? You only missed me?” He sounded annoyed, but she knew it was only an act. “I couldn’t think of anything but getting you naked and all you can say is you missed me? I guess I’ll have to try harder from now on to pleasure you.” With no other warning, he pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it over his shoulder.

“Okay, I really missed you.”

“So that’s how it’s going to be tonight,” he said with a wicked grin. Before she offered up any kind of answer, he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them and her underwear down in one movement. Then he picked her up and deposited her on the edge of his desk. Spreading her legs wide, he stepped between them, his T-shirt rubbing against her nipples, which missed his earlier caress. “The next time we’re apart I want you to think about tonight.”

Without another word, he kissed her his tongue sliding into her mouth as he drew her closer to him his erection pressing against her. As he kissed her, his arms kept her locked against him. Then just like that he pulled away and switched his attention from her lips to her neck. As if he had all the time in the world, he worked his way down her body. When he took her left nipple in his mouth she signed. When he switched to her other side and lavished that nipple with the same attention she closed her eyes. Once he’d driven her a little mad, he began to pull away, but she dug her fingers into his hair in an effort to keep him there.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come back to here,” he whispered and started trail of kisses downward.

“You better,” she answered as he placed a kiss on the lower half of her rib cage.

Each kiss added to the explosive current that raced through her. At any minute Addie expected to explode into a million tiny pieces and die a happy woman. At least until his lips passed her navel and kept on moving south. In an instant some of the fog in her brain cleared and her eyes flew open. Addie placed her hands on either side of his head in a weak effort to stop him.

Book Trailer

Teaser Tuesday

#TeaserTuesday Yes, it is a little late but here is today’s teaser from Redeeming The Billionaire due out in September but can be pre-ordered on iTunes now.

“You hired me because you want to win.” Marty pointed his pen at the picture of Addison. “She’s your ticket to the Senate.”
Trent’s eyes focused on the picture. What had she just said to him when the picture was taken? It must have been funny because he had a huge smile on his face. Come to think of it, he’d smiled through much of their conversation. She’d had an easygoing nature with a great sense of humor. There had been no awkward moments or long gaps of silence. Under different circumstances he wouldn’t mind getting to know her better.

“The women in here may help repair your reputation.” Marty pointed to the binders he’d put together of potential wife candidates. “This one though will win the hearts of voters.” He nodded toward the newspaper on the table. “I don’t understand the problem. She’s beautiful and well-educated.”

Marty had him there. Addison was attractive and, from all he could tell, intelligent. Even with that knowledge, a corner of his conscience prickled at the idea.

Across the table Marty popped a pickle in his mouth and chewed as he waited. “If it helps look at it this way. Her involvement with you will put her business on the fast track. The whole thing will still more or less be a business agreement.”

Trent nodded. Marty had a point. If he and Addison became romantically involved it would do more for her business than an ad during the Super Bowl.

“If you’re going to make it in politics you need to learn to do what’s right for your career, everything else comes second. Trust me, I’ve been around long enough to know that few politicians make it with their conscience intact.” Marty pushed the paper closer to him. “So what’s it going to be?”

Addison’s face beamed up at him. “We’ll try it your way, but if it’s not working we will fall back to our original plan.” Sure, they’d had an enjoyable conversation over coffee but he was not prepared to wager the rest of his life on that. He picked up his untouched sandwich. “I’m assuming you made sure she’s not involved with anyone.”

Teaser Tuesday Time

#TeaserTuesday Here is a tiny Unedited snippet from Redeeming The Billionaire coming soon.

“If I’d known you cooked like this, I would have started coming here every night for dinner weeks ago.”
“You can stop by for dinner whenever you want but most nights I don’t cook much more than left over soup and grilled cheese sandwich.” She raised her own zeppole to her mouth and took a bite, some of the custard from inside lingering on her lips.
Before she wiped it away with a napkin, he leaned toward her and licked it away with his tongue. “Mmm, tastes almost as good as you,” he said intent on kissing her, but instead Addie laughed stopping him dead in his tracks. “What’s so funny?”
“You. You probably say that to all the women you kiss.”
Only on one other occasion had she mentioned his past, which he appreciated. This time, however, he wanted her to know she wasn’t like the women he’d dated in the past. “Whatever I said to other women in the past doesn’t matter. Only you matter.” Now seemed like the perfect opportunity to give her the key. “I want you to have something.” He dug into the pocket of the jacket he’d tossed across his chair and pulled out the key. “You already have the elevator code, but I want you to have a key, too. That way you can come and go whenever you want, even if I’m not home.”
Addie accepted the key studying it as if it was a foreign object. “I’m not sure if I’ll stop by if you’re not there, but thank you.” She stuck the key in her jeans pocket. “I have an extra key in my desk that you can have.”

Available for Pre-order on iTunes

Redeeming The Billionaire

Did you know that Redeeming The Billionaire is available for pre-order on iTunes?  You can also check out the first chapter there.



Cover Reveal For Redeeming The Billionaire


Coming September 2014

Billionaire Trent Sherbrooke works hard and plays harder. He’s never once cared what the media or society says about him, until now.  Intent on making his way into the United States Senate, Trent hires campaign advisor Marty Phillips. A ruthless force in politics he’ll stop at nothing to get his candidate elected.


After a chance encounter throws local small business owner Addison Raimono in Trent’s path, Marty believes he’s found Trent’s ticket into Washington.


Ignoring his conscience that insists he leave Addison alone, Trent sets out to win her over. Soon what he assumed would be a relationship to salvage his reputation turns into so much more. But can a relationship started on a lie ever survive?

Teaser Tuesday

Here is an UNEDITED snippet of my current WIP Redeeming The Billionaire which is currently with my critique partner.

“We all have things that bother us.” He lowered his head toward hers, set on satisfying his need to kiss her while at the same time distracting her from the storm outside.

“Even you?” she asked her voice softer now.

He stopped mere inches from her mouth. “Even me,” he whispered before his lips descended on hers. Against his, her lips were warm and sweet and at first he kept his kisses gentle allowing himself to savor every moment. The longer they kissed the greater the fire inside him burned. When Addie pressed her breasts against him and parted her lips, he couldn’t stop himself from thrusting his tongue inside to meet hers.

Outside another boom of thunder crashed echoing the thudding of his heart. Pulling his mouth away from Addie’s he trailed his lips down her neck and then back up to her ear lob. With his tongue he traced the outline of her ear causing Addie to sigh. With slow movements, he retraced his steps pausing once again at her lips and kissing her before working his way to her other ear. As he sucked on her ear lob, warm skin came in contact with his as Addie’s hands slid under his T-shirt and up his back. At first her movements remained tentative, but when he once again pressed his mouth against hers, they became  more confident. Like a wildfire devouring dry brush, desire overtook him and Trent reached for the buttons on her top.

Without breaking their kiss, he undid each tiny button eager as a little boy on Christmas morning to remove the barrier between them. When he got the last button undone, he pushed the top from her shoulders, tossed it on the floor and then pulled back. For a moment he stared in silence, his eyes taking in the site before him. “Beautiful,” he said as he reached out and slid her bra straps down her shoulders. When she opened her mouth as if to comment, he covered it with his again. Then he reached around her back and undid the hooks of her bra.

#Teaser Tuesday

It’s that time of the week again.  Here is an UNEDITED snippet from my current WIP Redeeming The Billionaire, book 5 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series.

Finally. Since he’d picked her up he’d wanted to taste her. Back in her kitchen he’d contemplated kissing her, but had held back determined not to rush anything. Only by using all his self restraint had he managed to hold back then.
Changing the angle of his head, he rubbed his tongue against hers and an intense urge to walk her up to his bedroom, remove her dress, and just look at her filled his head. Granted he’d desired plenty of women before, yet somehow this time it was different, more intense and overwhelming. And while his body urged him to just do it, his rational self said otherwise. Before tonight he’d never clearly suggested he wanted anything other than a professional relationship with her. If he pushed things to fast it might scare her. And while he’d been known to sleep with a woman he’d known less time than he’d know Addie, he pegged her for the type who didn’t have sex on a first date.
Rain it in. There’s no need to rush things. After one more pass over her lips, Trent dug into his self-restraint and pulled his mouth away from Addie. At first she remained still her eyes closed, her lips moist and rosy from their kiss. In the seconds before she opened her eyes, his body told him to once again take possession of her mouth. To kiss her until she wanted him as much as his body wanted her. Reminding himself she was different then the usual women he dated, Trent took a step back and hoped space would get the message from his brain to his body.
As if waking from sleep Addie’s eyes fluttered open and met his gaze and he knew the moment she processed their kiss. A hint of color, almost impossible to see unless you’d been watching, crept into her face and she glanced away before meeting his eyes again.
“If I’m going to be spending time here, maybe you should give me a tour.”
Her words sent a ripple of unexpected happiness through him that had nothing to do with Marty’s plan involving Addie. Rather his happiness had everything to do with his desire to spend time with Addie and get to know her better. Something he’d want even if Marty didn’t believe she was the key to salvaging his reputation.

Teaser Tuesday

Here is an unedited snippet from my current WIP which is the 5th book in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. In case you forgot this book features Trent Sherbrooke, Jake and Sara’s cousin. I am still struggling with the perfect title. As soon as I have one, it will be posted.

“I might never be able to work in here again,” Trent said later. After their lovemaking on the edge of his desk, he’d carried her over to his chair and sat down with her on his lap. “You might need to turn one of those guest rooms upstairs into a new office for me. Everytime I come in here now, I’ll be destracted now”

“And whose fault is that?” she asked kissing his cheek.

Trent looked at her, one eyebrow raised. “I didn’t hear you complaining a little while ago.”

Addie ran a hand down his bare chest. “I’m not complaining now either, just making a statement.”

“I’m glad you’re home,” he said changing the topic of the conversation.

You’re home, wow she liked the sound of that. “Me too. Who were you talking to when I walked in?”

Trent kept one arm locked around her waist while his other moved up and down her thigh. “Dylan, my cousin’s husband. She had the baby yesterday morning.”

With no other explaination she knew which cousin he refered to. Callie Talbot, previsously Callie Taylor, had made all the headlines when the world learned her father was Warren Sherbrooke a few years earlier. The media had yet another field day when she married President Sherbrooke’s step-son Dylan Talbot, the current CEO of Sherbrooke Enterprises.

“I read somewhere she was due in October.”

“The baby didn’t get that memo,” Trent joked. “I think Dylan said the baby was three weeks early.”

“Did they have a boy or a girl.” She’d never met the couple but it was a typcial question.

“A boy. They named him James Warren Talbot. They invited us to their place in Connecticut for the weekend.”

Addie ran the name through her head. “I like that name. Its has a nice ring to it.” She guessed the middle name was in honor of Callie’s father and wondered if James was another family name. “Us? Don’t you mean you?”

“Nope. From now on where I go, you go and vice versa. I don’t want to go all weekend without you unless absolutely necessary.”

New Cover and Update

While I have always liked all of my covers, I decided to have the cover for book 4 The Billionaire’s Best Friend done over.  Today I received the final version.  I must say I love it. I hope you do as well. Here it is.TheBillionaire'sBestFriend_FINAL1400x2100

On another note, I am hard at work on Book 5 in The Sherbrookes series. This book features Trent Sherbrooke and Addison Raimono. I hope to have the book ready for edits and revisions by the end of June.

Teaser Tuesday

Here is another small unedited snippet from my current WIP, book 5 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series


Across from her, he lifted his own cup of espresso toward his mouth. “Sounds like you speak from experience.”

Maintain eye contact. Don’t look at his lips or think about how they’d feel against yours. “I worked here all through high school just like everyone else in the family. Even when I was in college, I worked here in the summer. It was sort of expected.”

“I know how that can be.” He put his cup on the table once again giving her an unobstructed view of his mouth.

The night before she’d dreamed of him. They’d been standing on the balcony that ran the length of his home in Newport and he’d been trailing kisses down her neck.

“Everyone even my cousin Jake, who my Uncle Warren had to drag into the office, did an internship at Sherbrooke Enterprises. Both my father and Uncle insisted we know the inner workings of the company.”

An image of the former playboy, Jake Sherbrooke, being dragged into an office formed and laughter bubbled up inside her. “Now that’s a picture I wish the media had printed.”

Trent chuckled. “It is too bad they didn’t get one. What about you? Did you mind working for the family business?”

“No not really. My brother Nick hated it. Only lasted one summer before my mom banned him from ever entering the kitchen again.”

“Banned him? Sounds a bit harsh. What did he do?”

Memories from the one summer her brother worked at the bakery surfaced. “More like what didn’t he do? When my parents refused to let him get a job somewhere else, he set out to make sure our mother didn’t want him at the bakery. At first it was just little things. Showing up late, taking extra long breaks. When that didn’t work he stepped up his efforts. The final straw was when he started a small fire in the kitchen. He still insists that was an accident, but I don’t believe him.”

Across the table Trent cringed. “I can see how that would get him banned. Is he your only brother?”

Addie opened her mouth to answer, when Chloe called out to her from the front counter. “Your coffee is ready Addie.” Addie didn’t even manage to push her chair back before Trent stood.

“I’ll get it for you.”

A girl could get used to this. From the table she followed Trent’s movements as he crossed to the front counter and she almost sighed outloud. Watching the guy walk was just so, she didn’t even know how to describe it. Yet, she knew no one should look that good while simply crossing a room.

Teaser Tuesday Time

It is Teaser Tuesday again.  Here is an UNEDITED snippet from my current WIP.


“Have you met everyone?” Elizabeth asked.

“Everyone except Prince Charming’s wife,” Trent said using the nickname the media had given his cousin years earlier.

Jake gave him a dirty look then looked over at the red head seated next to him. “Charlie this is my cousin Trent.”

The woman extended her hand toward him. “It’s nice to meet you. Jake’s told me a lot about you.” She gave him a smile that indicated her husband had shared a lot of personal information including some he’d probably wished Jake hadn’t.

Trent accpeted the woman’s hand. “It’s great to finally meet you. We’ll have to talk later. I have some stories that I could share with you that I bet Jake has never mentioned.” 

“Hey, Trent. Sara said you might stop by.” Christopher Hall appeared at the doorway. “Nice to see you again,” he said as joined everyone at the table.

He’d known Jake’s former college roommate and best friend for several years. In fact on numerous occasions they’d prowled the Los Angles night clubs together. “Congratulations on the engagement.” When the three of them had hung out together, Christopher had always been the one he’d imagined settled and married someday. He’d just never imagined it would be to his younger cousin Sara. Yet the two appeared happy and in love.

“Sara said you decided to run for Congress.”

Trent looked over at Dylan, he’d uncle’s step-son and his cousin’s husband. He’d known Dylan, the current CEO of Sherbrooke Enterprises all his life and considered him family. Other than himself he’d thought Dylan the least likely of everyone gathered at the table to ever marry. After a brief engagement years earlier ended ,he’d become a confirmed bachelor. Married more or less to his work he kept all his relationships with woman bried and superfacial. Then Callie Taylor, his Uncle’s daughter, entered everyone’s life including Dylan’s. Now the no nonsense excutive sat with an arm around his pregnant wife’s shoulders. Talk about times changing.

With a nod, he answered. “Yes, I’ve hired Marty Phillips to run my campagn. My father and I meet with him earlier this week.”

Across the table Callie frowned and glanced over at Sara, but remained silent. Right away Sara’s comment about Marty popped into his mind and he wondered once again what had transpired during his uncle’s campagn.

“Goodluck. If there’s anything I can do let me know,” Dylan said, his subtle English accent lacing his voice.

“Same here, Trent.” Jake’s voice pulled his attention away from Dylan and Callie. 

During the two years he’d worked on overseas projects for Sherbrooke Enterprises, he’d made few trips back to visit family. Now once again surrounded by his cousins he realized how much he’d missed his family.

“Warren is pleased with your decision,” his aunt said. “He spoke with your father earlier this week.”

His aunt’s comment came as no surprise. The Sherbrooke family had been involved in politics for years. In a way it was expected that at least one Sherbrooke male from each generation would get involved in politics. For the longest time his aunt and uncle had hoped Jake would follow in the family tradition even though he’d never displayed an interest unlike his sister Sara. For Trent it’d always been in the back of his mind but until that past spring he hadn’t been ready to take the plunge. Instead he’d been content with his position at Sherbrooke Enterprises and his rather carefree lifestyle. When Callie and Dylan announced her pregnancy though a switch had gone on inside him. He’d taken a good look around and realized that everyone he cared about was making these grand changes in their lives except him.

Teaser Tuesday

It’s that day again. Here is a snippet from my current WIP which has the working title of The Billionaire Candidate and features Trent Sherbrooke, Jake and Sara’s cousin. It is book 5 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. This is the first meeting between Addison and Trent. Please remember that this is UNEDITED snippet!!!!

Crossing the sidewalk, he pulled out his smartphone when it beeped letting him know he had a text message. Another message from Lindsey. He’d told her he had know idea when he might be back in London again. If all went as he hoped his brother, Gray, would be talking over his position while he focused on his future in politics. Without stopping Trent typed out a message as he walked toward the bakery, the scent of the pasteries and espresso already making his stomach rumbnle and he hadn;’t even stepped inside yet.

He hit an object and heard the startled cry of surprise seconds before the hot coffee splahsed across his phone. Message forgotten he looked up and at the living object he’d just run over. “I’m sorry about that. Are you okay?” He knelt down to help the woman retrieve the papers she’d dropped. Several were covered with coffee as was the front of her blouse.

“I’m fine.” The woman stacked the pages together and stood. “I’ll need to reprint these though.” She accepted the pages he held out to her.

Without a second though, Trent reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a case holding his business cards. “Send a copy of your dry cleaning bill to this address.” He held out the card but she made no move to accpet it.

“Thank you, but that’s not necessary.”

Trent let his hand fall back to his side. “At least let me replace your coffee.”

The woman shook her cup. “There is a little left. I’ll make my usual afternoon stop later and get more.”

Turned down twice in less than three minutes, he didn’t think that had ever happened to him before. He assumed either the woman didn’t recognize him or was one of the few people out there who turned down a freebie when offered. Trent dropped his business card on her stacked papers. “Just in case you change your mind about the dry cleaning.”

This time the woman picked up the card. “I thought you looked familiar, but really don’t worry about it. Accidents happed.” The woman gave him a kind smile and began to turn. “Have a good afternoon.”

Trent stood and watched the woman walk away enjoying the sight of her bare legs sticking out from her skirt as she headed down the sidewalk. For him there was just something about a great pair of legs that drove him up the wall. In his hand his phone beeped letting him know he’d received another message. After typing in a short reply, he stuck the phone in his jacket pocket and headed into the bakery, his orginal destination.

Two Year Anniversary

As I sit here and reflect back it seems impossible that this month marks the 2 year anniversary of my first published book, The Teacher’s Billionaire, which launched my first series The Sherbrookes of Newport.  When the book first came out, I had no idea what to expect.  Would people buy it?  Would people like it? Would they want to read the next book in the series?


Two years and four more books later, so much as changed.  Granted, I still wonder if people will like my stories and whether or not they will want to read more, but aside from that my day to day life is quite different.  First and foremost, I no longer view my writing as a hobby or something that I enjoy doing in my free time.  Now, writing is my full time job along with taking care of my children and husband.  For example, in the past I would write after the family went to bed and during Sunday football games. Now I write in the mornings after I drop my youngest children off at preschool and during Sunday football games.  Sorry, football fans I am just not into the sport.


In addition to changes in the way I view writing, I now find myself interacting with readers on a regular basis.  Not only do I chat with them about my books, but I have also gotten to know many of them as individuals.  I share information about my day to day life with them and they do they same.  Frequently, I ask them for suggestions when it comes to picking a book title or deciding what story to start next.  Over the past two years, many of my readers have become my friends and a few have even asked to meet me in person.


Honestly, I could go on and on about how my life has changed since the release of my very first book.  Instead, I am going to wrap up by saying that it has changed in ways I never imagined.

Romfest Readers and Writers Conference

Thanks to my wonderful hubby I will be attending Romfest in TN this upcoming week. It will be my first book signing event.  Just a little nervous. If you are in the area I would love for you to stop on by.  Here is a link to the official site.

Teaser Tuesday

Today is Teaser Tuesday around Facebook and I thought I would add a snippet here today as well.  For those who have not yet read it, the following is a snippet from my newest release The Courage To Love which is now available everywhere.

“Pool is all about geometry,” he explained in his no nonsense tone.

Her eyes followed his hands as he guided the pool stick for her, and his words fell into the background as the desire to kiss him engulfed her.

“Once you line up the shot, make sure you keep the movements smooth and controlled,” he said, helping her finish the shot. On the table, the cue ball struck a striped yellow ball that rolled into a side pocket.

Sean began to move his hand, but Mia grabbed it and spun around to face him before she thought better of it.

“Do you want—” Sean began, meeting her gaze.

Mia leaned closer cutting off the rest of the sentence with a kiss. He remained rigid against her even when she released his hand so she could circle her arms around his neck. She tugged on his bottom lip with her teeth, frustrated when he made no move to intensify the kiss. The only response she got was a set of hands on her hips. While his reaction should have discouraged Mia, it had the opposite effect on her. Men always responded to her and she planned to get Sean to as well.

Pressing her body against his until no space remained, she smiled to herself when she felt his breathing change. Then she pulled her mouth away and switched her attention to his ear. In response Sean groaned, dug his fingers into her waist and then pushed her away from him.

Mia’s eyes popped open. “What’s the matter?”

Sean studied her, his eyes a deeper shade of green now. “You’re a guest. That shouldn’t have happened.”

“Why?” She took a step closer again and laid a hand on his cheek, not far from the bruise he’d earned at the block party.

Reaching up he pulled her hand away, but he held onto it. “It’s unprofessional and bad for business.”

With a laugh she took another step closer. “It’s only bad for business if you kiss everyone who stays here. I don’t see anyone else around.” She saw the indecision in his eyes, and by the way he kept looking at her lips, she knew he wanted to kiss her again. “I promise not to tell anyone about this either,” she said, her voice low and seductive. She kissed him again before he could argue.

Unlike the first kiss, Sean didn’t hold anything back this time. He took control of the kiss, his tongue slipping between her lips as his hands dug into her hair.


Interview With Author M.S. Kaye and an Excerpt From Her Novel Once

Joining me today is author M.S. Kaye, so check out her interview and then read on about her book Once.


When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?  

I was watching an interview of an author, and described how she came up with the idea for her book, and BAM, I realized I had a story in my head, one that’d been simmering for years. I wrote half the night, and I’ve written every day since.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? 

Ah, there are so many.

What do you think is the best way of publishing a book these days?  

Whatever way that gets it into reader hands.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?  

9 The first one, which will be published by Wild Child Press in the coming months, will always hold a special place in my heart.

Who are you favorite authors to read? 

Charlotte Bronte!


Now lets check out Once by M.S. Kaye



Her first and also her Once.

 Jonathan is studying to become a priest. He is three days from taking vows. He will not be a priest.

 Rebecca’s major is pre-law. She is supposed to take over her father’s law firm. She will not be lawyer.

Their paths cross at exactly the right moment, when each most needs to hear what the other has to say. Jonathan’s structured life is turned sideways, but Rebecca also helps him learn how to forgive himself. It was self-defense, not murder.

Rebecca finds the strength to stand up to her father, to be the real her. If Jonathan likes her writing, it must be worth pursuing.

They must each struggle to forge a new path without each other’s comfort and strength, with only memories of the one day that changed everything.




“What’s the answer?”

He paused. “A switchblade.”

With my fingertips, I reached out and traced the scar across his cheek. “Did you win?”

He removed my hand and closed his eyes. “Yes.”

I slid his Book back to him. “This says we can find forgiveness.”

His eyes still closed, his jaw clenched. He bowed his head. “It also says ‘Thou shalt not kill.’”

I took his hand in both of mine, petted his rough skin, and then brought it to my lips. He had a talent for guiding invisibly, but I didn’t know how to do that.

He watched me again. His eyes were intense, like the black of the night sky, and his forehead was furrowed, as if his emotions were scattered, as if he was shocked at my reaction, as if he had been sure his answer would drive me away. But I knew him. Already, I knew him.

“You’re still a good person,” I said.

His jaw clenched. “I’ve been trying to believe that.”

“I have faith in you.”

He continued to watch me. His forehead never smoothed, as if he was fighting for strength, but his eyes softened. He slid around the booth, closer to me.

I didn’t move, not sure what to do, what was right, what he wanted.

He leaned closer.

I only watched him.

He touched his lips to my cheek, the faintest pressure. I struggled to sit still, to keep my hands in my lap, not to grab hold of him. And then his lips were gone, such brief contact that I couldn’t be sure if he had actually kissed my cheek or if I wanted his contact so much that I imagined it.

He spoke in my ear. “You must be some kind of final test.”

My heart pounded into my ribs, against the point of the blade. “Are you going to pass?”

His lips brushed against my jaw. “I don’t know.”

He trailed to my neck, his mouth softly pressing. My hand curled into his hair, the other on his shoulder, holding, clutching. His mouth found mine, barely touching. His warmth invaded my head.

“God give me strength,” he murmured.

The door slid open, and the compartment filled with laughter.

He closed his eyes. Then he slid away from me.


Where To Purchase


Jupiter Gardens Press


Barnes and Noble


More About The Author




M. S. Kaye is a 4th degree black belt and certified instructor of Songahm Taekwondo. A transplant from Ohio, she resides with her husband Corey in Jacksonville, FL, where she does her best not to melt in the sun.

Contact M. S. Kaye at:

Twitter: @mskosciuszko

Also available from M.S. Kaye:

Fight Princess: Caught in an investigation of a mysterious murder, a female underground fighter from a high society family learns how to accept love.

Amazon –

iBooks –
Barnes & Noble –
Liquid Silver Books (publisher – all formats) –

Interview With Author Caroline Clemmons

Joining us today is author Caroline Clemmons.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

When I learned Roy Rogers had married Dale Evans instead of waiting for me to grow up. Actually, when I started reading books on my own, which is about the same time. I was fascinated that so many different stories existed. I wanted to tell mine.  


How long does it take you to write a book?  

Three months to four—unless our family moves. We moved over the summer and that played havoc with my schedule by adding two months to my last nook. 


What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? 

I see my characters in my head like a movie. What I see first is usually the inciting incident, but not always. Sometimes the first movie ends up about chapter three.


What do you think is the best way of publishing a book these days?

Self-publishing gives authors the power they lack with NY traditional publishers. The freedom to write what, when, and as fast or slow as we wish is a wonderful feeling. We are in control of our destiny—well, except for who buys our books. Even though I have a schedule, it is a self-imposed one and I have the power to change it.   


Where do you get your information or ideas for your books? 

When I first began writing, I was afraid I’d run out of ideas and kept a notebook of story ideas in case I couldn’t think of something next time. Now I realize I’ll have to live to be 200 to write all the stories in my head and more come every day. They pop in my mind after reading a non-fiction article, hearing the news, or conversing with friends. They won’t stop! (Keeping my fingers crossed they never do.)


When did you write your first book?  

My first book, BE MY GUEST, was published in 1998. I was not happy with it, and later revised it when the rights came back to me. Even so, it made me a published author, and for that I’m grateful.


What do you like to do when you’re not writing?  

Visit with family and friends, read, work on genealogy, travel, and goof off. I’m an expert at goofing off—possible Olympic material.


What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books? 

That I can do it! I was so pleased that when I finished one, I had another project lined up. It’s exciting to start a new book, but also frightening. Can I do it again? Will this one be as good as the last? How can I make it better?


How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?  

I’ve written seventeen titles that reached publication. My favorite is always the one on which I’m working—although I do admit a particular fondness for the first of the Kincaid books. 


Can you tell me and your readers something about your main characters? 

Attorney Gabe Kincaid hates liars with good reason. Working as a carnival fortune teller, Katie Worthington is on the run from influential killers and spins yarn after yarn to keep those in Kincaid Springs from knowing her true identity. 


Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?  

I love hearing from readers. Usually, they ask for another book in either the Kincaid series or the Men of Stone Mountain series. 


What do you think makes a good story?What are your favorite book genres in writing and reading? Why?

Strong characters make a good story. If readers don’t care about the characters, they won’t enjoy the book.

My favorite genre to write is western historical romance. I also write mystery, contemporary western romance and time travel. I love history, especially Texas history of the 1870-1890 time period.

For reading, I like western, funny contemporary and Regency romances. Quite a difference, but I do love those wonderful Regency writers like Loretta Chase and Amanda Quick. I also read cozies and enjoy authors like Susan Elia Macneal, Rhys Bowen, and Alice Duncan. I also enjoy mysteries like those of Robert B. Parker, Earl Staggs, Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers, and Marjorie Allingham.  






More About The Author


Caroline Clemmons is an Amazon bestselling author of historical and contemporary western romances whose books have garnered numerous awards. Her latest release is THE MOST UNSUITABLE COURTSHIP, book three of her popular Kincaid series. A frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, she has taught workshops on characterization, point of view, and layering a novel. 

Caroline is a member of Romance Writers of America, Yellow Rose Romance Writers, From The Heart Romance Writers, and Hearts Through History Romance Writers. Her latest publications include the acclaimed historical Men of Stone Mountain series: BRAZOS BRIDE, HIGH STAKES BRIDE, and BLUEBONNET BRIDE and the audio book of BRAZOS BRIDE. 

Caroline and her husband live in the heart of Texas cowboy country with their menagerie of rescued pets—Shih Tzu Webster, huge tuxedo cat Sebastian, and small Manx kitten Max. Prior to writing full time, her jobs included stay-at-home mom (her favorite), secretary, newspaper reporter and featured columnist, assistant to the managing editor of a psychology journal, bookkeeper for the local tax assessor and—for a short and fun but unsuccessful time—an  antique dealer. When she’s not indulging her passion for writing, Caroline enjoys reading, travel, antiquing, genealogy, painting, getting together with friends, and enjoying watching the birds, butterflies, and squirrels wandering through her back yard.  Find her on her blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest.



Now until the end of October

Many of you know that I am a huge dog lover. I have had at least 1 dog in my life since the age of 8. If you have read my books you know they all have at least 1 dog in them too. As my way of giving back this month, from now until the end of October I will donating the proceeds from Book 3 The Billionaire Princess to Dog Orphans Humane Society.

I got my current furry family members Niles, who turned 15 this month, and Phoebe who turned 14 last month from them a little more than 11 yrs ago. I also got Button who was in my life before them from them as well. They are a great organization. Amazon B&N iTunes KOBO AllRomance Ebooks

Available for pre order on iTunes

Book 4 The Billionaire’s Best Friend is now available for pre-order on iTunes.  It should be available for purchase

Facebook Release Party for The Billionaire’s Best Friend

Book off to the first editor

The Billionaire’s Best Friend went to the first editor yesterday.  It is my plan to have the book released on September 23.

Cover Reveal Tomorrow

Tomorrow for Teaser Tuesday on Facebook I will reveal the cover for book 4 The Billionaire

Status of Book 4: The Billionaire’s Best Friend

I am working with my critique partner now on book 4.  Once all the changes are made that he recommends I can send it off to the editor.  And at the same time my cover artist is working on a cover for me.

Found this wonderful review today.

Found this wonderful review today and it so made up for the 1 star I received the other day complaining The Teacher’s Billionaire wasn’t a Christian Romance, which I never claimed it was.

“What a wonderful surprise for a free download! I loved Callie right from the start – who wouldn’t be sympathetic to her? – receiving that letter from her late mother that dropped a figurative bomb right in her lap! I understood Dylan’s protectiveness toward his family but I didn’t blame Callie a bit for being hurt and betrayed by his actions…Warren had made it perfectly clear from the start that he wanted the world to know about her…Dylan and Callie’s friends to lovers was romance at it’s finest and took some interesting little twists…I was disappointed that Sara, her half sister was such a (bitch) to Callie – I suppose I was hoping
she’d taken to Callie like Jake ultimately had…This story will capture your
heart right from the start!

First Draft Done

Excited to share with everyone.  This morning I finished the first draft for book 4 which features Lauren, Callie’s best friend from book 1.  Now onto the next phase.

Help me name my next book

I need help finding a title for book 4 in the series.  Please stop by and cast your vote.

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