More Than A Billionaire for NOOK

Please note that I am taking More Than A Billionaire down from NOOK until I can get them to be selling the correct version of the book.  They have been sending out the unedited version I used to set up the pre-order option.  I will let readers know when the problem is corrected.


I am very sorry

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  1. Judy Tyler says:

    I just finished reading More Than a Billionaire. I have a NOOK. What is different between the version I have and what is to be released? Will we also get the correct version?

    • Christina says:

      Sorry, no I did not receive you message. You will not get the other version automatically. According to NOOK this what a customer must do.

      “the customer must Archive and then Un-Archive your NOOK Book to download and view the updated NOOK Book file at no additional charge. ”

      There are some deleted scenes, a few changes to scenes and the reader learns of Gray’s secret much sooner in the final book.

      On the correct version of the book, the copyright page should list the digital ISBN number and state the name of the person who formatted the book.

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