A Little Teaser While You Wait

This was a readers idea but I like it. Worth The Wait Wednesday. Perfect for those days I get lost in my writing and forget about Teaser Tuesday. Anyway here is an UNEDITED snippet from my current WIP which will be book 2 in my series Love On The North Shore. This book will feature Jessica Quinn. In case you do not remember she appeared in The Billionaire Playboy and The Courage To Love.

“Room service does sound rather nice.” Jessica forced herself to look at Mack and once again was struck by just how out of her league he was. A guy as handsome as him belonged alongside an equally beautiful woman. A woman who looked like his ex-wife.

Whether he sensed her discomfort or not, he didn’t say. Instead he came over and put his arms around her. “You’ve never had room service?”

“I have only stayed in hotels a few times and I’ve never wanted to splurge.”

He pulled her closer. “We’ll have to remedy that someday.”