Bidding On The Billionaire

Rather than disappoint his beloved aunt, billionaire Derek Sherbrooke has reluctantly agreed to participate in her foundation’s fundraiser: a bachelor auction. Concerned about who the lucky winner will be, he devises a plan and enlists the aid of his longtime friend Brooklyn Novak. All she has to do is make sure no one outbids her. It was a simple plan… until they kissed.

Successful attorney Brooklyn Novak met Derek in college, and has loved him ever since—despite her father’s disapproval. Rather than risk their close friendship, she’s constantly kept her true feelings buried. When Derek asks for her help, she knows it’s a disaster waiting to happen, but can’t say no. But what was supposed to be a simple charade quickly puts her on an emotional roller coaster ride to a place she never wanted to go.

Can these longtime friends find their happily ever after together?

Read an excerpt from Bidding On The Billionaire

Come on, Brooklyn. Time to pull out the big guns. Right now the ability to send another human being telepathic messages would’ve come in so handy.

On cue, Tasha answered Rose’s call, her auction paddle shooting up.

He expected Rose to clap her hands together and prance around like a little kid who’d come downstairs on Christmas morning and found a pony waiting for them. “Fabulous. We have fifty-five thousand. Is anyone willing to go to fifty-eight?”

Brooklyn remained stone-faced, her hands on the table. Both Zoe and the redhead from earlier kept quiet, and he spotted Tasha rising from her seat, prepared to join him on stage. The sight switched his flight or fight response on as he struggled to get enough oxygen into his body.

Rose patted his shoulder. “Going once.” Down on the floor, Tasha started walking toward the stage stairs, and all he could do was stare at Brooklyn. No, she wouldn’t let him down like this.

“Going twice.”

The invisible hand around his throat tightened as Tasha stepped up onto the first step, the most terrifying smile he’d ever seen on a woman spread across her face.

Then, as if he were watching a slow-motion scene in a movie, Brooklyn stood, her paddle with the large number eighty-two printed on it in her hand. “One hundred and fifty-eight thousand dollars,” she said, her voice loud and clear so everyone present would hear it.

A hush fell over the room and all eyes turned toward Brooklyn. On the stairs, Tasha stumbled and landed on her knees.

“One hundred and fifty-eight thousand?” Rose’s voice came out as a squeak.

Brooklyn moved away from her table and closer to the stage. “Correct.”

Openmouthed, Rose glanced his way before turning toward Tasha, who’d managed to stand back up. The smile she’d worn seconds before no longer remained. Instead, she appeared as shocked as the rest of the room.

“Would you like to make a counteroffer?” Rose asked.

Slowly, Tasha shook her head.

“Going once.” Rose paused, although he didn’t know why she bothered. “Going twice.” Complete silence continued as Brooklyn started up the stage stairs and passed an unmoving Tasha. “Sold to bidder number eighty-two for one hundred and fifty-eight thousand dollars.”

The invisible hand around his neck eased up, allowing him to once again breathe. She’d come through for him.

Brooklyn stopped next to him, a fake smile pasted on her face. Reaching out, he took her clammy hand and gave it a squeeze. Yep, he owed her big time for saving his butt tonight.

“Mr. Sherbrooke, I think our winner deserves a kiss,” the photographer said, his camera raised and ready. So far, he’d captured a picture of each couple exchanging a kiss when the winner came on stage to collect her prize. Not doing the same would stand out as odd.

“I believe you’re right,” he said. Pulling Brooklyn into his arms, he hoped she didn’t punch him in the nose for what he was about to do.