Falling For The Billionaire

A nurse in Providence, Paige Foster never once considered purchasing a ticket to the Helping Hands Bachelor Auction. But when Aunt Bebe invites her along, she accepts, expecting nothing more than an enjoyable evening with her favorite aunt. Aunt Bebe has other plans though. By the end of the evening Paige finds herself the proud owner of four romantic dates with Scott Belmont, President Warren Sherbrooke’s nephew.

Lately billionaire Scott Belmont doesn’t have time for a social life, never mind a bachelor auction. Regardless, when his mom asks him to take part in the fundraising event, he agrees. Scott assumes he’ll take the winner on a few dates and then dismiss her from his mind. Then Paige Foster walks on stage to claim him.

Scott is not at all what she expects. Before she realizes it he’s made his way into her heart. But Paige has a secret, one she fears might send Scott walking.

From the beginning Paige intrigues him and soon Scott finds himself in love. But when an ex-girlfriend reenters his life asking for help, their new relationship is put to the test.

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“What about Derek Sherbrooke? I’ve never heard anything negative associated with him. His mother was a peach. It was so sad when she passed. Of course every media outlet will be all over whoever ends up with him.”

Paige agreed. Not only was the man handsome and wealthy, but his last name was Sherbrooke. America had a strange obsession with everyone named Sherbrooke. “I’ll pass, Aunt Bebe. He’s handsome, but I don’t need a photographer trying to climb through my bathroom window while I’m taking a shower.”

“Understandable. What about his cousin then? He’s just as handsome.”

Aunt Bebe pushed the program toward her, leaving Paige no choice but to look at the picture of Scott Belmont. Her aunt was right. The man was gorgeous, and unless you knew it, you’d never guess Derek and Scott were first cousins. While most of the Sherbrookes had light-colored hair and sapphire-blue eyes, Scott had dark brown hair and from the looks of it brown eyes. She guessed the lack of a family resemblance and the fact his last name was Belmont helped the man fly under the media’s radar more than his cousins.

“Aunt Bebe, I’m serious. I’m not bidding on anyone tonight.” She leaned a little closer to the other woman. “It’s not exactly in my budget,” she whispered. As a nurse, she made more than enough to support herself and have much of what she wanted. Compared to the other people in the ballroom, though, her bank account probably contained less money than some spent in a month.

Aunt Bebe made a tsking sound. “Let me worry about money, sweetie. You just pick out the man you want and bid.”

She knew her aunt could easily compete in wealth with the other guests. Not only was she the only daughter of Joseph Foster, Paige’s great-grandfather, who had founded Foster Oil, but she’d married into the Fleming family.

“I really can’t have you doing that. Let’s just enjoy the night and watch everyone else spend their money instead.”

Her aunt patted her hand. “Think about it, okay. You could have fun with one of them.”

Paige nodded, even though she had no intention of changing her mind. Allowing Aunt Bebe to purchase her a ticket to the auction was one thing. Letting her spend a ridiculous amount of money so she could go on four dates with a man she didn’t know was another.