Love And Protect

Dating a coworker can be complicated, but who knew it could also be deadly.

While Maddie Dempsey doesn’t need a man to express his undying love, she wants one who can commit to her for more than a weekend. So despite her attraction to him, Maddie’s kept her coworker Keith Wallace, a man who doesn’t know the definition of commitment in the friend zone. Or at least she thought he didn’t know the meaning until recently.

Keith’s friends believe he prefers no-strings-attracted relationships because he’s afraid of commitment. But that’s not why. He’s just never met anyone he cared enough about to stay with until Maddie. And when she finally gives him a chance, Keith intends to prove to her they belong together.

Unfortunately, someone from Keith’s past isn’t ready for him to move on, and she’ll do anything to remove Maddie from the equation and have him back in her life.