One Of A Kind Love

Dear Love Vixen,

I am actually writing to you for my cousin because she’s too stubborn to do it herself. In a week she’s returning home for her twin brother’s wedding. Unfortunately, her brother’s best man, the very man who kissed her 16 years ago and she hasn’t seen since, is returning as well. I told her to make her move and finally know once and for all how he feels. She disagrees. She plans to avoid him as much as possible until he goes back to the West Coast. Should she take my advice, or let him disappear from her life for another 16 years?


A Concerned Cuz

Dear Cuz, 😉

Oh, sweetie, you should…I mean your “cuz” should definitely listen to your voice of reason. If she’s been pining for him for 16 years there’s obviously something there. At least for “her”. You tell her LV said to go for it. What has she got to lose? Another 16 years of wondering ‘what if’? Most importantly, what has she got to gain? A wonderful happily ever after.


Good luck, hon!

The <3 Vixen

Read an excerpt from One Of A Kind Love

“I think the person who wrote it is the one who wants LV’s help. Judging by the response, so does the Love Vixen. Whoever Concerned Cuz is, she has it bad for her twin brother’s best friend.” Brianna glanced over at him. “Honestly, I cannot imagine ever being in love with any of your friends or Shane’s,” she commented, referring to her twin brother.

He had no proof, but he suspected plenty of Shane’s friends had been attracted to Brianna over the years. And he knew some of his acquaintances had shown interest in her since she’d moved out to California.

“Anyway, Concerned Cuz says she hasn’t seen the guy in a while, but her brother’s wedding is coming up, and he’s the best man.”

His finger froze on the remote’s arrow button. “Does the writer give any other details?” Like a location? “If she’s looking for advice, that’s not much for someone to go on.”

“Let’s see.” Brianna scrolled back up through the comments on the page. “It says they kissed sixteen years ago, and she hasn’t seen him since. The person wants to know if she should follow her plan and ignore him or make a move and see what happens.”

Kissed sixteen years ago. The memory of the night he finally gave in to his desire and kissed Isabelle broke out of the ironclad box he kept it in. If he’d known that night would be the only time they’d kiss, he never would’ve done it, saving himself from years of having it torment him.

“What advice does the writer get?” There were probably thousands of women out there who had a twin brother getting married soon. And out of those, maybe hundreds who had feelings for their brother’s best friend. Nothing about the comment stated it came from Isabelle.

But what if it was?

“LV tells her to go for it and stop wondering once and for all.” His sister’s cell phone rang, and she slid her laptop over to him as she grabbed it. “Here, read it for yourself.”

Cameron waited until his sister left before glancing at the screen and reading the request sent in by Concerned Cuz. Statistics weren’t his thing. In fact, he’d hated math in school, and if not for Bryson’s help, he never would’ve passed any of his math classes in high school. But right now, he’d love to know the odds regarding how many people besides Isabelle and him could fit the situation described.

He read the response posted by LV. Yeah, his sister was right. The romance guru believed the author was also the one looking for help. And whether or not the person looking for help was Isabelle, he couldn’t shake the belief she was or deny that the Love Vixen was right. Sixteen years was a long time for someone to be pining for someone—her choice of words, not his. Regardless of the outdated word selection, he knew how the person in question felt. Isabelle didn’t know it, but he’d left his heart behind sixteen years ago, and ever since, he’d been wondering what would have happened if he’d called her as he’d promised.

What do I have to lose? Cameron raked a hand through his hair and considered the question. For the past sixteen years, he’d gone out of his way to make sure his visits home didn’t correspond to Isabelle’s. On the rare occasions when they ended up on the island at the same time, he avoided any places she might visit and then left as soon as possible.

And why?

Because Bryson had asked him to leave her alone, and Cameron hadn’t wanted to risk their friendship.

But his best friend had made the request a long time ago. Perhaps it was time to put Bryson’s wishes aside and worry about his own.