Tempting The Billionaire

Straitlaced Courtney Belmont prefers to avoid the spotlight that the media always has focused on her family. She leaves any behavior that might catch its attention to her younger sister—or at least she always has until Josh Williamson, better known to his fans as J.T., sits down next to her while she’s on vacation.

Josh will do anything to make sure he keeps joint custody of his young daughter, including putting his career on hold and getting married. There isn’t a doubt in his mind that Courtney Belmont, the woman he spent an incredible two weeks with, is perfect for the role. Her reputation is flawless, her family is powerful, and more importantly, she’s remained in his thoughts since the last time he left her hotel room.

Although hesitant, Courtney agrees to be Josh’s temporary wife. However, it’s not long before Josh wants her in his life forever. But can a man who spends his life acting convince her that his feelings are real?

Read an excerpt from Tempting The Billionaire

“Sounds like a plan. Mom might even—” Bella stopped and pulled her sunglasses off. “Is that J.T. Williamson over there by the bar?”

As if they had a mind of their own, Courtney’s eyes glanced at the bar, but unlike her neighbor, she kept her sunglasses on. No need to give away that she was staring at the guy if he happened to look this way.

It wasn’t hard to pick out the man in question. Joshua Thomas Williamson, better known to his fans as J.T., was the epitome of the term Hollywood heartthrob. If a list existed of all the necessary requirements, he’d be able to put a check mark next to all of them. Dark hair? Yep, he had that. Chiseled jaw? Yes. Tall? Courtney estimated he was about 6’0 or 6’1. Broad shoulders? Most definitely. Sexy barely there beard? Check.

Yep, the guy was the total package, and he knew it. The only people who’d possibly appeared on more tabloid covers than him were two of her cousins before they met and married their wives.

“Yes, and I think he’s looking this way,” her brunette neighbor answered.

Kylie, the woman she was still trying to place, was right. J.T. Williamson, perhaps the biggest playboy in Hollywood, was glancing in their direction. For perhaps the first time, Courtney wished she had on a swimsuit more like her neighbors’, because she’d never catch his attention dressed in her modest tankini, especially with the platinum blonde bombshell at the next table. And even though she never went for the playboy types, man, Courtney wanted to catch the attention of this one for reasons she couldn’t identify.


“Thanks.” Josh accepted the drink and surveyed the area. There was no shortage of beautiful women on the rooftop this afternoon. He’d come to Hawaii for some rest and relaxation, something he needed now that he’d finished work on his most recent project. While he had perhaps the best job on the planet, even he needed a break sometimes—especially after working with Nicole Sutton for the past six months. Anyone who watched them on screen together would never guess it, but he couldn’t stand Nicole. Thankfully, he’d learned early in his career how to put aside his personal feelings and get the job done. Josh didn’t know how Nicole felt about him, but since she never sought him out when they weren’t working together, he assumed she wasn’t his biggest fan either.

His eyes passed over a brunette and a platinum blonde. Both were pretty with gorgeous bodies—the type of women he usually spent his time with. Considering the way they were both looking at him, either would be up for a little fun while he was here. Something he wouldn’t object to if the right woman came along, because a person could only surf and swim so much every day.

Josh put them in the “maybe” category and continued his survey of the guests gathered around the pool. At first, his eyes passed over the occupant at the table next to the blonde. But then, as if attached to a rubber band, they snapped back. Unlike most of the women, including her two neighbors, she wasn’t wearing a barely there bikini. Instead, she had on a modest swimsuit. Her brown hair hung past her shoulders, and she had a sexy librarian look about her. He didn’t usually go for her type. Instead, he went for the platinum blonde with the large breasts spilling out of her top who was smiling at him. He’d always had a thing for large breasts. Today, the sexy librarian had his full attention.

With his drink in hand, Josh headed for the brunette who was applying sunscreen to her shoulders.

“Do you mind if I join you?” He could feel her neighbors’ eyes on him. “There aren’t many places left to sit.” If there was an extra chair at her neighbors’ table, he knew they’d be offering it up right now.

Her sunglasses made it impossible for him to determine the color of her eyes when she glanced up at him. “Not at all,” she said, moving her cell phone closer to her side of the table. “It is busy up here this afternoon.”

Rarely did he run into a person who didn’t know him, but just in case, he’d introduce himself. So after sitting down, Josh extended his hand across the table. “My name’s Josh. I hope I’m not bothering you.” While professionally he went by J.T. and some of his friends called him that, in situations like this he preferred to use his given name.

She accepted his hand and smiled. “Courtney. And you’re not.”

Now that he was closer, he realized he’d been wrong. Her hair wasn’t brown but auburn with a few blonde highlights. Not only that, she looked familiar, but he couldn’t pinpoint from where. Wherever he knew her from, he was confident she wasn’t an actress he’d ever worked with, because if they’d worked together, he would have remembered her. Maybe if she removed her sunglasses, he could figure it out.

“Have we met before?”

A second or two passed before Courtney responded. “No, I don’t think so.”

Maybe it would come to him later, because even though she didn’t think they’d met, something told him he’d seen her somewhere. Perhaps they’d attended the same party or fundraiser. He attended so many, they all blurred together after a while. The same might be true for her. “Are you here for work or a vacation?”