Found this wonderful review today.

Found this wonderful review today and it so made up for the 1 star I received the other day complaining The Teacher’s Billionaire wasn’t a Christian Romance, which I never claimed it was.

“What a wonderful surprise for a free download! I loved Callie right from the start – who wouldn’t be sympathetic to her? – receiving that letter from her late mother that dropped a figurative bomb right in her lap! I understood Dylan’s protectiveness toward his family but I didn’t blame Callie a bit for being hurt and betrayed by his actions…Warren had made it perfectly clear from the start that he wanted the world to know about her…Dylan and Callie’s friends to lovers was romance at it’s finest and took some interesting little twists…I was disappointed that Sara, her half sister was such a (bitch) to Callie – I suppose I was hoping
she’d taken to Callie like Jake ultimately had…This story will capture your
heart right from the start!