Teaser Tuesday

Here is a short UNEDITED snippet from Protecting The Billionaire, the novel I am currently working on.

He assumed everyone at the table heard Allison’s groan.

“Do you want to dance?” Rock dropped the question and two pairs of eyes looked at him. Unless he had no other option, he stayed away from dance floors.

“Fantastic idea.” Allison half lead, half dragged him past Charles and onto the dance floor.

They’d danced once at the wedding. That night she’d kept both her hands on his shoulders and maintained a polite distance away from him. Tonight she pressed her body into him, her breasts crushed against his chest and put her arms around his neck. While his head knew it was all an act, his body didn’t. Unable to do anything about his growing arousal, he put his arms around her and went with it.

“Is he looking this way?” she said near his ear, her breath a sensual whisper against his skin.

More like sending death threats with his eyes. “Yep.”

She wiggled closer something he’d thought impossible. “Put your hands on my butt.”

“What?” He didn’t do high society, but groping a woman like Allison at this kind of event seemed like a no no.

“Put your hands lower like a real boyfriend would.”

He’d wanted to touch her ass all night and now she’d given him the green light.