Excerpt From Redeeming The Billionaire

Here is the final teaser before Redeeming The Billionaire comes out on Friday.


Rather than speak, she nodded and walked toward the door. On cue, he pulled it open and allowed her to exit first. Not that he minded in the least. With her in front of him, he could let his eyes wander and appreciate her form without her any the wiser. And he definitely liked what he saw. She was an average height, but she had killer legs, perfectly shaped and toned. He suspected she exercised on a regular basis. Her waist was tiny and although she had her back to him now, he already had a mental picture of her breasts. Judging by the way her dress fit, they were lush and full but not ridiculously large.

When they reached the elevator, he pushed the button. “Please dress casually tomorrow. Whatever you normally wear on the weekend,” he said as a way to break the silence. “I certainly won’t be wearing a tie.”

Addie laughed, a sweet lyrical sound. “Then I might still be in my pj’s when you pick me up.”

The image of the type of sleepwear worn by the women he usually spent time with popped up. While he had no doubt Addie would look fantastic in any of those outfits, he doubted those were the type of pj’s she wore. “Whatever works for you,” he answered as the elevator door opened and they stepped inside.

“So where in Newport is your home? Is it on Bellevue Avenue?”

Slowly the elevator began its descent and he leaned up against the glass wall. “No. It’s on Ocean Avenue. It was built—” The loud crack of lightning echoed through the elevator, cutting off Trent’s sentence just before the lights blinked and then went out.

“Please tell me we’re not stuck.” Addison’s voice trembled from the other side of the glass elevator.


Redeeming The Billionaire is available for pre-order at iTunes, Amazon, and Kobo