Teaser Tuesday

Here is a little snippet from my current WIP. This will be book 2 in my series Love On The North Short.  Just remember this has not been off to the editor yet.


The balloons form the party still swayed outside as Jessie climbed the front steps and the heavy door stood open. Through the screen door she spotted Grace’s dollhouse open and the furniture and dolls sprawled across the floor indicating the little girl was up and about.

The screen door opened without a sound and Jessie figured the kitchen was the place to stop first. And she was right unfortunately she’d picked the wrong time. At the counter Mack and Bethany stood together. While he wore jeans and a t-shirt, Bethany only wore one of his old t-shirts and her lips were locked on his. She watched his hand move toward her shoulder although Jessie didn’t know if he planned to push her away or pull her closer.

Unable to breath Jessie reached for the wall and steadied herself then retraced her steps. She made it into the living room when Grace flew down the stairs and skidded to a stop near her.

“Jessie you’re here.” The little girl’s voice forced air back into her lungs. “Daddy’s making pancakes for breakfast.” She latched onto Jessie’s hand. “Come on.” Grace pulled on her hand.

Inside the kitchen Bethany and Mack remained near the counter. “Daddy, Jessie’s here.” Grace announced her cheerful voice breaking through the tension in the room.

Mack’s head snapped in her direction an angry expression on his face. When their eyes met the anger disappeared and a somewhat forced smile replaced it. “I didn’t hear you come in.” Mack walked past his ex-wife and embraced her. “I’m making pancakes for breakfast. Do you want some?” He pressed a feather light kiss on her lips.

No she didn’t want pancakes she wanted an explanation and maybe to hit Bethany with the pancake griddle on the stove. “Can we talk in the other room?” She forced a calm voice, no easy task when Bethany stood only feet away in one of Mack’s t-shirts.

The anger she’d noticed a few minutes earlier returned and he glared over at Bethany. “Watch the stove so Grace’s breakfast doesn’t burn.”

He knows I saw. Was he mad because she’d caught them or angry because Bethany had made an advance? And why they hell was she wearing his clothes. She needed answers but she didn’t want to come across as a jealous shrew either.