Teaser Tuesday For August 25

Here is a tiny snippet from my current work in process which features Tony Bates. You may remember him from The Courage To Love and Hometown Love.  Remember this has not been to the editor yet.

“Two months. That’s a record for you, isn’t it? What makes this one special?”

Two months and a couple weeks was his average since Isabella. He doubted anyone remembered that.

“The sex,” Tony answered. He couldn’t explain to himself what drew him to Cat how the hell could he explain it to anyone else.

“Does this mystery woman have a name?”

No getting out of this one. “Catrina, she works in Boston. We met one night after work.”

Sean nodded. “If she’s still around when Mia gets home we should get together.”

It’d be another month before Mia got back, which would put his and Cat’s relationship way past his normal expiration date. Yet, he expected her to still be in his life by then.

“Where are you two off to this weekend?” Sean started to put together a second burger. “You said you bought tickets.”

“The medieval fair down in Westport.”

“Damn, Tony you’ll do anything for sex won’t you.” Sean shook his head. “Are you going to wear tights?”

“Shut up, O’Brien. You’ve never been.”

“Not true. I took Charlie and Jessie when they were in high school. Jessie managed to talk Charlie into wearing one of those medieval gowns.”

Now that must have taken some considerable bribing or blackmail on Jessie’s part.

“I hope the sex is worth it.”

Tony grabbed his beer and took a swig. His friends had been giving him a hard time forever and it never bothered him probably because they were often right. Tonight the way Sean kept lumping his and Cat relationship in with his past ones just rubbed him the wrong way. And that worried him.