Teaser Tuesday From Protecting The Billionaire

Who the hell is that? She’d arrived alone and didn’t have a boyfriend. So who was the bastard changing her tire? He’d been standing out here for the past damn hour waiting for her. Now, some ass with more muscles than brains had her attention. That wasn’t how things were supposed to be. He should have her attention, not anyone else.

Across the lot the SOB who’d changed Allison’s tire, closed the trunk. After exchanging a few words, Allison got into her car. He’d missed out on an opportunity tonight, but there would be others. He’d make sure of that.

Turning the key in ignition, he pulled out. He knew the route Allison would take home. He’d just follow and make sure she arrived there safely and more importantly alone. She hadn’t shown the dude who’d changed her tire any affection, but he also hadn’t been a stranger. She’d known him. Nothing and no one was going to come between them. He’d make sure of that.