Teaser Tuesday Time

It is Teaser Tuesday again.  Here is an UNEDITED snippet from my current WIP.


“Have you met everyone?” Elizabeth asked.

“Everyone except Prince Charming’s wife,” Trent said using the nickname the media had given his cousin years earlier.

Jake gave him a dirty look then looked over at the red head seated next to him. “Charlie this is my cousin Trent.”

The woman extended her hand toward him. “It’s nice to meet you. Jake’s told me a lot about you.” She gave him a smile that indicated her husband had shared a lot of personal information including some he’d probably wished Jake hadn’t.

Trent accpeted the woman’s hand. “It’s great to finally meet you. We’ll have to talk later. I have some stories that I could share with you that I bet Jake has never mentioned.” 

“Hey, Trent. Sara said you might stop by.” Christopher Hall appeared at the doorway. “Nice to see you again,” he said as joined everyone at the table.

He’d known Jake’s former college roommate and best friend for several years. In fact on numerous occasions they’d prowled the Los Angles night clubs together. “Congratulations on the engagement.” When the three of them had hung out together, Christopher had always been the one he’d imagined settled and married someday. He’d just never imagined it would be to his younger cousin Sara. Yet the two appeared happy and in love.

“Sara said you decided to run for Congress.”

Trent looked over at Dylan, he’d uncle’s step-son and his cousin’s husband. He’d known Dylan, the current CEO of Sherbrooke Enterprises all his life and considered him family. Other than himself he’d thought Dylan the least likely of everyone gathered at the table to ever marry. After a brief engagement years earlier ended ,he’d become a confirmed bachelor. Married more or less to his work he kept all his relationships with woman bried and superfacial. Then Callie Taylor, his Uncle’s daughter, entered everyone’s life including Dylan’s. Now the no nonsense excutive sat with an arm around his pregnant wife’s shoulders. Talk about times changing.

With a nod, he answered. “Yes, I’ve hired Marty Phillips to run my campagn. My father and I meet with him earlier this week.”

Across the table Callie frowned and glanced over at Sara, but remained silent. Right away Sara’s comment about Marty popped into his mind and he wondered once again what had transpired during his uncle’s campagn.

“Goodluck. If there’s anything I can do let me know,” Dylan said, his subtle English accent lacing his voice.

“Same here, Trent.” Jake’s voice pulled his attention away from Dylan and Callie. 

During the two years he’d worked on overseas projects for Sherbrooke Enterprises, he’d made few trips back to visit family. Now once again surrounded by his cousins he realized how much he’d missed his family.

“Warren is pleased with your decision,” his aunt said. “He spoke with your father earlier this week.”

His aunt’s comment came as no surprise. The Sherbrooke family had been involved in politics for years. In a way it was expected that at least one Sherbrooke male from each generation would get involved in politics. For the longest time his aunt and uncle had hoped Jake would follow in the family tradition even though he’d never displayed an interest unlike his sister Sara. For Trent it’d always been in the back of his mind but until that past spring he hadn’t been ready to take the plunge. Instead he’d been content with his position at Sherbrooke Enterprises and his rather carefree lifestyle. When Callie and Dylan announced her pregnancy though a switch had gone on inside him. He’d taken a good look around and realized that everyone he cared about was making these grand changes in their lives except him.