Teaser Tuesday

Here is a tiny snippet from More Than A Billionaire book 6 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. This book features Grayson Sherbrooke, Trent’s brother.


“Who’s here? Is it Jean-Paul?”

“Not unless Jean-Paul found a fairy godmother to make him hot.” Erica didn’t look at Kiera as she spoke. “I could stand here all day and look at that guy.”

Their surprise visitor definitely wasn’t Jean-Paul. No one would want to spend all day looking at him.

“Turn around before he leaves.” Erica touched her arm. “You’ll be sorry if you miss the sight of him.”

“Kiera, I need to speak with you for a moment,” Pierre the restaurant’s general manager said.

Kiera pushed her shoulders back and turned, prepared for anything. Then she saw whom Erica had been gushing about standing next to her boss.

Okay, maybe prepared for anything had been a stretch. She certainly wasn’t prepared to see Gray Sherbrooke in her kitchen.