Teaser Tuesday: A new snippet

Here is a UNEDITED snippet from More Than A Billionaire, bk 6 in the Sherbrookes of Newport Series
“Look who decided to show up.” Derek stood at the door shaking his head. “Trent, you and Jake won that bet.”
“Nice to see you too.” Gray stepped around his younger brother and inside Trent’s apartment.
“I told you and Alec not to bet against us.” Trent gave him a slug in the arm.
Derek shrugged. “You both got lucky.”
“The four of you were betting on whether or not I’d show up today for the wedding?” Christ.
“No. We took bets on whether you’d get here in time for the ceremony. Alec and Derek figured I’d have to call Curt and ask him to take your place.” Trent offered him a drink. “I knew you’d get here in time.”
A fantastic insult sat on Gray’s tongue but he held it back. If only his brothers and cousin were there he’d let it fly, but their father as well as a man he assumed was Addison’s brother stood only feet away.