Teaser Tuesday

Here is an unedited snippet from my current WIP which is the 5th book in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. In case you forgot this book features Trent Sherbrooke, Jake and Sara’s cousin. I am still struggling with the perfect title. As soon as I have one, it will be posted.

“I might never be able to work in here again,” Trent said later. After their lovemaking on the edge of his desk, he’d carried her over to his chair and sat down with her on his lap. “You might need to turn one of those guest rooms upstairs into a new office for me. Everytime I come in here now, I’ll be destracted now”

“And whose fault is that?” she asked kissing his cheek.

Trent looked at her, one eyebrow raised. “I didn’t hear you complaining a little while ago.”

Addie ran a hand down his bare chest. “I’m not complaining now either, just making a statement.”

“I’m glad you’re home,” he said changing the topic of the conversation.

You’re home, wow she liked the sound of that. “Me too. Who were you talking to when I walked in?”

Trent kept one arm locked around her waist while his other moved up and down her thigh. “Dylan, my cousin’s husband. She had the baby yesterday morning.”

With no other explaination she knew which cousin he refered to. Callie Talbot, previsously Callie Taylor, had made all the headlines when the world learned her father was Warren Sherbrooke a few years earlier. The media had yet another field day when she married President Sherbrooke’s step-son Dylan Talbot, the current CEO of Sherbrooke Enterprises.

“I read somewhere she was due in October.”

“The baby didn’t get that memo,” Trent joked. “I think Dylan said the baby was three weeks early.”

“Did they have a boy or a girl.” She’d never met the couple but it was a typcial question.

“A boy. They named him James Warren Talbot. They invited us to their place in Connecticut for the weekend.”

Addie ran the name through her head. “I like that name. Its has a nice ring to it.” She guessed the middle name was in honor of Callie’s father and wondered if James was another family name. “Us? Don’t you mean you?”

“Nope. From now on where I go, you go and vice versa. I don’t want to go all weekend without you unless absolutely necessary.”