#Teaser Tuesday

It’s that time of the week again.  Here is an UNEDITED snippet from my current WIP Redeeming The Billionaire, book 5 in The Sherbrookes of Newport Series.

Finally. Since he’d picked her up he’d wanted to taste her. Back in her kitchen he’d contemplated kissing her, but had held back determined not to rush anything. Only by using all his self restraint had he managed to hold back then.
Changing the angle of his head, he rubbed his tongue against hers and an intense urge to walk her up to his bedroom, remove her dress, and just look at her filled his head. Granted he’d desired plenty of women before, yet somehow this time it was different, more intense and overwhelming. And while his body urged him to just do it, his rational self said otherwise. Before tonight he’d never clearly suggested he wanted anything other than a professional relationship with her. If he pushed things to fast it might scare her. And while he’d been known to sleep with a woman he’d known less time than he’d know Addie, he pegged her for the type who didn’t have sex on a first date.
Rain it in. There’s no need to rush things. After one more pass over her lips, Trent dug into his self-restraint and pulled his mouth away from Addie. At first she remained still her eyes closed, her lips moist and rosy from their kiss. In the seconds before she opened her eyes, his body told him to once again take possession of her mouth. To kiss her until she wanted him as much as his body wanted her. Reminding himself she was different then the usual women he dated, Trent took a step back and hoped space would get the message from his brain to his body.
As if waking from sleep Addie’s eyes fluttered open and met his gaze and he knew the moment she processed their kiss. A hint of color, almost impossible to see unless you’d been watching, crept into her face and she glanced away before meeting his eyes again.
“If I’m going to be spending time here, maybe you should give me a tour.”
Her words sent a ripple of unexpected happiness through him that had nothing to do with Marty’s plan involving Addie. Rather his happiness had everything to do with his desire to spend time with Addie and get to know her better. Something he’d want even if Marty didn’t believe she was the key to salvaging his reputation.