Teaser Tuesday A Snippet From Loving The Billionaire

Here is a snippet from Warren and Ruth’s story.


Warren glanced around the room then looked at her again. “I do love it here. It’s hard to leave sometimes.” He leaned closer to her, his lips inches away from hers. “It’ll be even harder to go now.” He kissed her, leaving her with no doubt about what he meant.

Concern over standing in his mother’s sitting room evaporated from her thoughts. The only thing she could focus on was Warren and the way his lips moved against hers. Stepping closer, she pressed her body against his as he traced her lips with his tongue. Ruth didn’t hesitate. She opened her mouth and rubbed her tongue against his, eliciting a groan from Warren. Then suddenly he pulled back.

“There’s one more room up here.” His voice came out as a ragged whisper.

She knew what room he meant. She swallowed. “Show me.”