Teaser Tuesday Time

#TeaserTuesday Here is a tiny Unedited snippet from Redeeming The Billionaire coming soon.

“If I’d known you cooked like this, I would have started coming here every night for dinner weeks ago.”
“You can stop by for dinner whenever you want but most nights I don’t cook much more than left over soup and grilled cheese sandwich.” She raised her own zeppole to her mouth and took a bite, some of the custard from inside lingering on her lips.
Before she wiped it away with a napkin, he leaned toward her and licked it away with his tongue. “Mmm, tastes almost as good as you,” he said intent on kissing her, but instead Addie laughed stopping him dead in his tracks. “What’s so funny?”
“You. You probably say that to all the women you kiss.”
Only on one other occasion had she mentioned his past, which he appreciated. This time, however, he wanted her to know she wasn’t like the women he’d dated in the past. “Whatever I said to other women in the past doesn’t matter. Only you matter.” Now seemed like the perfect opportunity to give her the key. “I want you to have something.” He dug into the pocket of the jacket he’d tossed across his chair and pulled out the key. “You already have the elevator code, but I want you to have a key, too. That way you can come and go whenever you want, even if I’m not home.”
Addie accepted the key studying it as if it was a foreign object. “I’m not sure if I’ll stop by if you’re not there, but thank you.” She stuck the key in her jeans pocket. “I have an extra key in my desk that you can have.”

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