Teaser Tuesday

Today is Teaser Tuesday around Facebook and I thought I would add a snippet here today as well.  For those who have not yet read it, the following is a snippet from my newest release The Courage To Love which is now available everywhere.

“Pool is all about geometry,” he explained in his no nonsense tone.

Her eyes followed his hands as he guided the pool stick for her, and his words fell into the background as the desire to kiss him engulfed her.

“Once you line up the shot, make sure you keep the movements smooth and controlled,” he said, helping her finish the shot. On the table, the cue ball struck a striped yellow ball that rolled into a side pocket.

Sean began to move his hand, but Mia grabbed it and spun around to face him before she thought better of it.

“Do you want—” Sean began, meeting her gaze.

Mia leaned closer cutting off the rest of the sentence with a kiss. He remained rigid against her even when she released his hand so she could circle her arms around his neck. She tugged on his bottom lip with her teeth, frustrated when he made no move to intensify the kiss. The only response she got was a set of hands on her hips. While his reaction should have discouraged Mia, it had the opposite effect on her. Men always responded to her and she planned to get Sean to as well.

Pressing her body against his until no space remained, she smiled to herself when she felt his breathing change. Then she pulled her mouth away and switched her attention to his ear. In response Sean groaned, dug his fingers into her waist and then pushed her away from him.

Mia’s eyes popped open. “What’s the matter?”

Sean studied her, his eyes a deeper shade of green now. “You’re a guest. That shouldn’t have happened.”

“Why?” She took a step closer again and laid a hand on his cheek, not far from the bruise he’d earned at the block party.

Reaching up he pulled her hand away, but he held onto it. “It’s unprofessional and bad for business.”

With a laugh she took another step closer. “It’s only bad for business if you kiss everyone who stays here. I don’t see anyone else around.” She saw the indecision in his eyes, and by the way he kept looking at her lips, she knew he wanted to kiss her again. “I promise not to tell anyone about this either,” she said, her voice low and seductive. She kissed him again before he could argue.

Unlike the first kiss, Sean didn’t hold anything back this time. He took control of the kiss, his tongue slipping between her lips as his hands dug into her hair.