Worth The Wait Wednesday

“I might have to start bringing a bodyguard when I come here.” He moved forward and put his arms around her. “And just for the record, I find your ass much sexier.” He kissed her before she responded, his hands sliding into her back pockets and squeezing.

Kiera’s internal temperature went from simmer to full boil. She leaned into him, pressing her breasts against his chest and sent him a silent message to touch them like he had the weekend before.

“Do you have cupcakes in the oven?” He pulled away, and she smiled at how ragged his voice sounded.

“Yeah, I couldn’t put them in until the apricot almond tart finished.”

“How much longer until they’re done?” Gray’s eyes swept across her face.

She couldn’t see the timer, but she had a general idea. “Fifteen minutes or so.”

The corner of Gray’s mouth went up. “Guess that means we’re stuck here. Any thoughts on how to pass the time?”

She had several ideas. “We could play checkers or a game of chess.” She kept her smile under lock and key. “I have a deck of cards. We could play Go Fish.”

“Wonderful ideas but I had something with less competition in mind.” Gray lowered his head toward hers. His lips got within inches of hers when his phone rang.

“You’ve got to be friggin kidding me.” He leaned his forehead against hers. Then he yanked the phone out and pressed decline. “Not today.” He lowered his head toward their original destination. “I dreamed about you last night,” he whispered the words against her lips.

“Was it a good dream?” She pressed her lips against his in a feather light kiss.

Gray returned the gesture. “You have no idea. Should I tell you about it?”