Worth The Wait Wednesday

Here is an unedited snippet from More Than A Billionaire which is available for pre-order now.

“I’m impressed. What other talents have you been hiding?”

Gray took her hand and she wished they both didn’t have thick winter gloves on.

“I can play the piano now.” She’d never had the patience as a child to lean an instrument but while in college she took lessons. “My piano playing might be better than my ice skating.”

Together they started a second lap.

“What about you? What secrets have you been hiding?’

Gray’s hand gripped hers tighter, and he picked up their pace. Then just like that he released her hand. “None.”

“C’mon. You must have some.” Kiera thought for a moment. “I bet you can knit. You probably sit in your office and make hats and scarfs all day long. Maybe baby booties too.”

“I don’t have any secrets. How could I?”